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  1. I love volcano sushi topped with topiko!!!
  2. Anyone get any Bepis?

  3. Thank you for this. Was wondering why it never refreshed
    works extremely well. Thank you very much
  4. This is for the plugin as shown Here Some say it does not work. I have installed it perfectly and had only one issue. When you view the profile it blasts the music at full volume. It works on a variety of themes even with friendly urls activated. To fix the ear murder simply go to your ACP > Customize > Themes > (Theme you wish to edit) Edit HTML/CSS > Core/global/plugins/ps_display. From here you want to open it and view the contents. It should show as
    Very good plugin. I needed something like this so my applications topic wouldn't be spammed. Excellent plugin. Thank you!
  5. So currently I have my forums setup on a subdomain such as The question I wanted to ask is how do I move my IPB Suite to root (ex. www/public) I tried editing the config_global and all my images went missing. Help pls
    Amazing piece I'd have to say. Would it be possible to get the updated version?
  6. Howdy there @wallawalla and may I be the first to welcome you to the great Webflake! Any questions and we will be more than happy to answer then as quick as we can! Just so you have a better understanding please do check up on the community guidelines here so you may enjoy your experience here thoroughly! Once again, welcome to webflake and I hope you enjoy the stay and resources!
  7. For starters. Very nice job. Looks like a lot of work has been put in. But there are some minor cosmetic dislikes I have. For example when the logo loads in, the search bar overlaps it and looks a wee bit irritating, OCD kicks in a bit. There is also no falvicon for your site either :/ The scroll bar was confusing, I thought I broke chrome. Other than that, everything looks amazing. I love how you implemented the server banner on the sub-boards. The Theme looks very appealing. All in all. Really nice job. I like it
  8. I don't know how to add a title to a custom widget as shown I'm trying to get it on a teamspeak widget but yet to no avail.
  9. Yay. Just donated :D

    1. Erza


      Welcome to the donatorship! And thank you! 

    2. Phun


      Awesome, thanks for keeping us afloat! :heart_eyes:

    3. Rinto Kagamine
  10. Finally time to return ^-^