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  1. xDrac

    IOS or Android?

    Honestly I prefer Android more, I like the menu a lot better than iOS and iOS just feels too cluttered and.. weird
  2. I haven't no, I just think the free alternatives are enough to be honest. So far I havent had any problems yet
  3. Anyone have the latest Burning Board 4 software available for download?
  4. no I didnt lol... all the links didnt work
  5. Can anyone get a link to a download for the Hikari theme by Skywarriors? http://themeforest.net/item/hikari-premium-portfolio-and-blog-theme/5023869?ref=Skywarrior
  6. How do I get rid of this annoying red notification at the top of my forum saying Version 4.1.7 of the IPS Community Suite is now available. This includes a security patch and we recommend you upgrade as soon as possible.
  7. xDrac


    Just wanted to say Hi xD Could have sword I already had an account on here though... xD
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