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  1. Works now. Thanks mate! Someone can lock this topic!
  2. Hello. As i did listen to what you guys said about Contacting the Webhost. I did. They told me to open the file named ( .htaccess ) and add this into that file ( php_value memory_limit 256M ) I did it and it dident work so well either. The file looks now like this :
  3. I actually would do that ifent we had this much o the forums atm xD. Some file that can be broken or something maybe? Im not an PHP Scripter so cant do so much. As i only know the basics in HTML , PHP , CSS
  4. As i said a little bit above im not using free webhost. Iv moved the forums from 000.webhost to an premium domain and an paid webhost.
  5. I did use that. But changed to an Premium host now on. But as i remember i dosnt think i got any error codes. But it did work to add profile picture's when i firstly made the forums. Anyone know's how to fix it? xD
  6. Hello. Me and one friend are making an Donation Site with PHP. The site is based on Paypal donations. We was thinking about to make it that its two different Menu's in the site. One there you can donate and one there you can see all the donates to the site. We got stuck at the Automaticly function that add's the Name , Email , amount to the list. We have got everything to work expect the Auto add new Donation thing. Some nice member here that knows how to make it please make a comment here! Ifent this topic doens fit in this forums you can remove to! Thanks in advanced!
  7. Still not working. Still got that error in admin panel. And when im trying to upload a new Profile picture it says Failed to Upload.
  8. Thanks. I got one question more. We cant change the Profile Pictures anymore either . This error i get in AdminCP When i go to that Place via FilleZilla i can only see these files :
  9. Its 300 there atm. Whats normal one then?
  10. Hello. Im using IPB 3.4.6 And i have no idea how this did happend and iv tryed to re-upload the skin images for Profile Pictures but dident work so well so will give you all a picture how its looking for me atm. And maybe someone here knows how to fix this and maybe could tell me it and ofc it should be awesome