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  1. Admincp->Members->Groups->Click to edit icon->Social tab->Maximum profile photo width/height ->Save You can't have 150x250. You can have 150x150 or 250x250 if you want those values.
  2. Not good. Many errors in many ways. Because if you create so an API then there is a risk that someone will hack your forum database without problem if you don't have security on your webserver. I recommed use forum's REST API. You can use Create a member API as login but I recommend do this in an another php file with CURL requests. If you priority security. When you create the API in admincp then restrict the IP to your webserver. Only webserver can use the API not other. When you use the API in admincp, then you can filter the response. If the user exist then the player can login in game, if the user doesn't exist then response can be "Username or password is not correct" or something like that. If I see correct, you are from Hungary, so I write in hungarian also. P.S.: Or you can use this: P.S.2: Or you can use IPSConnect: P.S.3: I created for you a PHP which works (If you want create login): <?php require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/../init.php' ); $IPSLogin = new\ IPS\ Login\ Internal; $IPSLogin->init(); try { $member = $IPSLogin->authenticate( array( 'auth' => 'MrAlicard', 'password' => 't3t43' ) ); if ( $member ) { echo "Siker / Correct"; } } catch ( Exception $e ) { if ($e->getMessage() == "login_err_bad_password") { print "Jelszó nem helyes! / Password is not correct"; } else { //print "Bad Account!"; print "Felhasználónév nem helyes! / Username is not correct"; } } ?> Where is the MrAlicard and t3t43, you can change to POST method + change the init.php path if your custom php isn't in a folder. Now you can choose from the available options. ___________________________________________________________________ Nem jó. Sok hiba, sok szempontból. Azért, mert ha így csinálsz egy API-t, akkor fenáll annak a veszélye, hogy valaki fel fogja törni a fórumod adatbázisát probléma nélkül, ha nincs védelmed a webszervereden. Azt ajánlom, hogy használd a fórum REST API-ját. Használni tudod a Create a member API-t mint belépés, de azt ajánlom, hogy ezt egy másik php fájlban csináld CURL lekéréssel. Ha fontos számodra a védelem. Amikor létrehozol egy API-t az admincp-ben, akkor ki tudod szűrni a válaszokat. Ha a felhasználó létezik akkor a játékos be tud lépni a játékban, ha a felhasználó nem létezik akkor a válasz lehet "Felhasználónév vagy jelszó nem helyes" vagy valami hasonló. U.I.: Vagy használhatod ezt: U.I.2: Vagy használhatod az IPSConnect-et: 2: U.I.3: Létrehoztam neked egy PHP fájlt amely működik (Ha belépést szeretnél létrehozni): <?php require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/../init.php' ); $IPSLogin = new\ IPS\ Login\ Internal; $IPSLogin->init(); try { $member = $IPSLogin->authenticate( array( 'auth' => 'MrAlicard', 'password' => 't3t43' ) ); if ( $member ) { echo "Siker / Correct"; } } catch ( Exception $e ) { if ($e->getMessage() == "login_err_bad_password") { print "Jelszó nem helyes! / Password is not correct"; } else { //print "Bad Account!"; print "Felhasználónév nem helyes! / Username is not correct"; } } ?> Ahol van a MrAlicard és a t3t43, azokat megváltoztathatod POST módszere + változtasd meg az init.php útvonalat, ha az egyedi php fájlod nem egy mappában van. Most már tudsz válogatni a lehetőségek közül.
  3. Ok, I know now. {{if member.language()->id === 1}} If the language ID and number is correct then this message show up. {{else}} If not, then this {{endif}} Number of ID. For example if English is first language then 1, if hungarian the second language then 2, etc...
  4. Hello I created a page in Pages application but I don't know how can I detect which language use users and guests. Because I will separate two different iframe tag in page content. If someone use for example english then english iframe content appear and if someone use hungarian then hungarian iframe content appear. How can I do this?
  5. Hello Can someone upload this? Url: Thank you in advance.
  6. I hope nobody forgets this request.
    First I want to say THANK YOU. I have a request. Can you upload the newest version which is 1.1.4 now. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello Can someone upload this: ? It is very useful and I think other people also need this.
  8. Yeah, all files, but hmm... I tried reproduce your problem on my test forum and I changed all urls but this is only temporary solution. But you can try if you want. :P Search for .css .js and image files and there you must change urls. But hmm you must reinstall your forum but before, you must do backup. When you did backup and reinstalled then you can reimport from backup database these tables: core_members core_member_ranks core_message_posts core_message_topics core_message_topic_user_map core_moderators core_moderator_logs forums_answer_ratings forums_archive_posts forums_archive_rules forums_forums forums_posts forums_question_ratings forums_rss_import forums_rss_imported forums_topics forums_topic_mmod core_files (upload from backup upload folder in your reinstalled forum.) core_files_temp (upload from backup upload folder in your reinstalled forum.) core_file_logs (upload from backup upload folder in your reinstalled forum.) If you use downloads, commerce, blog and calendar applications, then you can reimport those tables also. I can't suggest to you better solution. Probably someone else can suggest to you better solution. :)
  9. It is problem. :P Then you must upgrade (if you can) or in datastore folder open all files with Notepad++ or other program and change all urls because domain name missing in there or after domain hasn't a slash "/"..
  10. @ansube your datastore files messed up. Yeah 777 permission doesn't good to every files because hackers can change everything. :P Folders can be 755 and files 644 but this doesn't fix your issue everytime. I had also this problem when changed domain and when installed fail a plugin or theme. For now, try these. Upgrade your forum if isn't newest. Delete your custom plugins Change your theme Change conf_global.php file if you changed domain If it does not work then I will give you other suggestions. :)
  11. If you insist use .htaccess then you can use this:
  12. The following issues are possible (in general): You didn't uploaded all php which is necessary When you uploaded nexus apllication then your ftp client didn't uploaded all php correctly. For example items.php 20 kb but your ftp client uploaded only 15 kb of item.php file. Uploads folderand subfolders has not right permission (755 or 777)
  13. Change in your conf_global.php file base_url part to your https url. Go to your admincp->click to Login Handlers menu->Login Settings button->Enable Use https for logins and the AdminCP? option->Save Go to your admincp->click to Search Engine Optimization menu->click to Sitemap tab->Change to your sitemap https url ( if you want but it is not necessary to change) I think that's it. :)
  14. You can't install template to your forum because you use Hostinger webhost. They disabled many php function and therefore you can't install templates. Before I also tried on Hostinger webhost but didn't work. Therefore I changed webhost. I recommend transfer your forum to webhost (if you want use free webhost)..