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  1. In uploads/reactions folder has all reactions pictures. If you don't have there also then I attached in zip file. And emoticons must be in uploads/emoticons folder. If you don't have there also then I attached in zip file. UPDATE: If it doesn't help then in admincp click to Support and choose Something isn't working correctly
  2. Hmm strange. I copied also to folders all files and I can use the gateway. You uploaded all files 100% which needs? I can help you via teamviewer, if you need help with this. Only send to me teamviewer ID and password in pm and give me a date and time when you are front of computer.
  3. If you don't want pay for anti spam then you can use this: This plugin use api which is free to use. These parts check the script: - Username - Email - IP address If the Stop Forum Spam catch a spammer then in settings you can choose what can do the plugin with spammer. You can choose: - Admin Approval - Approve and Ban User - Deny Registration
  4. Hello Can someone upload this: ? Thanks in advance
  5. Use instead coinpayments. Url: This support bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Url: Gateway: You need only add texts to language files. Because You will get something like that when you add this to gateways: coinpayments_public_key coinpayments_private_key coinpayments_merchant_id etc....
  6. Hello Can someone upload this: I found here 2.1.0 version: But it is not working with 4.2.
  7. @Cookie Monster of course backup is very important before do something. I wrote those lines when I had last 5 minute from my break. Thank you that you expanded my tutorial.
  8. Download the 4.2.2 package Extract in your root folder or somewhere where is your forum script Overwrite all files to newest files. When it is done then open your web browser and go to http://yourdomain/admin/upgrade (if you didn't change the admin folder and of course you need change yourdomain part to your valid domain for example And follow the upgrade steps on upgrade process. If you mean this, how can upgrade to newest version. You can download the 4.2.2 version from here:
  9. @Cookie Monster Thank you for answer. P.S.: I tried with this: {if settings.reputation_enabled == true}} And it is working perfectly to me. Probably not perfect solution but it is working.
  10. I have little problem with this part: {{if $row instanceof \IPS\Content\Reputation and settings.reputation_enabled}} <div class='ipsSpacer_top ipsSpacer_half ipsType_center'> {template="reputationMini" app="core" group="global" params="$row"} </div> {{endif}} If I delete these: {{if $row instanceof \IPS\Content\Reputation and settings.reputation_enabled}} and {{endif}} Then appear the reputation part, but if I leave the code in default, then doesn't appear. I use IPS 4.2.1. P.S.: Yeah, I know this tutorial, in 4.1 forum...
    Hello. Thank your for release. I have a question. Probably you know there is 4.2.2 version. When you can upload the 4.2.2 version?
  11. Hello Can someone upload this: Thanks in advance
  12. Admincp->Members->Groups->Click to edit icon->Social tab->Maximum profile photo width/height ->Save You can't have 150x250. You can have 150x150 or 250x250 if you want those values.
  13. Not good. Many errors in many ways. Because if you create so an API then there is a risk that someone will hack your forum database without problem if you don't have security on your webserver. I recommed use forum's REST API. You can use Create a member API as login but I recommend do this in an another php file with CURL requests. If you priority security. When you create the API in admincp then restrict the IP to your webserver. Only webserver can use the API not other. When you use the API in admincp, then you can filter the response. If the user exist then the player can login in game, if the user doesn't exist then response can be "Username or password is not correct" or something like that. If I see correct, you are from Hungary, so I write in hungarian also. P.S.: Or you can use this: P.S.2: Or you can use IPSConnect: P.S.3: I created for you a PHP which works (If you want create login): <?php require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/../init.php' ); $IPSLogin = new\ IPS\ Login\ Internal; $IPSLogin->init(); try { $member = $IPSLogin->authenticate( array( 'auth' => 'MrAlicard', 'password' => 't3t43' ) ); if ( $member ) { echo "Siker / Correct"; } } catch ( Exception $e ) { if ($e->getMessage() == "login_err_bad_password") { print "Jelszó nem helyes! / Password is not correct"; } else { //print "Bad Account!"; print "Felhasználónév nem helyes! / Username is not correct"; } } ?> Where is the MrAlicard and t3t43, you can change to POST method + change the init.php path if your custom php isn't in a folder. Now you can choose from the available options. ___________________________________________________________________ Nem jó. Sok hiba, sok szempontból. Azért, mert ha így csinálsz egy API-t, akkor fenáll annak a veszélye, hogy valaki fel fogja törni a fórumod adatbázisát probléma nélkül, ha nincs védelmed a webszervereden. Azt ajánlom, hogy használd a fórum REST API-ját. Használni tudod a Create a member API-t mint belépés, de azt ajánlom, hogy ezt egy másik php fájlban csináld CURL lekéréssel. Ha fontos számodra a védelem. Amikor létrehozol egy API-t az admincp-ben, akkor ki tudod szűrni a válaszokat. Ha a felhasználó létezik akkor a játékos be tud lépni a játékban, ha a felhasználó nem létezik akkor a válasz lehet "Felhasználónév vagy jelszó nem helyes" vagy valami hasonló. U.I.: Vagy használhatod ezt: U.I.2: Vagy használhatod az IPSConnect-et: 2: U.I.3: Létrehoztam neked egy PHP fájlt amely működik (Ha belépést szeretnél létrehozni): <?php require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/../init.php' ); $IPSLogin = new\ IPS\ Login\ Internal; $IPSLogin->init(); try { $member = $IPSLogin->authenticate( array( 'auth' => 'MrAlicard', 'password' => 't3t43' ) ); if ( $member ) { echo "Siker / Correct"; } } catch ( Exception $e ) { if ($e->getMessage() == "login_err_bad_password") { print "Jelszó nem helyes! / Password is not correct"; } else { //print "Bad Account!"; print "Felhasználónév nem helyes! / Username is not correct"; } } ?> Ahol van a MrAlicard és a t3t43, azokat megváltoztathatod POST módszere + változtasd meg az init.php útvonalat, ha az egyedi php fájlod nem egy mappában van. Most már tudsz válogatni a lehetőségek közül.
  14. Ok, I know now. {{if member.language()->id === 1}} If the language ID and number is correct then this message show up. {{else}} If not, then this {{endif}} Number of ID. For example if English is first language then 1, if hungarian the second language then 2, etc...