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    It's working nicely however when I am pressing ESC then the window will disappear. The newest version saying that this option is fixed. If it is possible then can you upload the newest version? Thanks in advance.
  1. Of course iPhone if you want to have better security. If you want customize your mobile then android but less security. I am saying iPhone even it has restricted freedom what you can do but you will get better security.
  2. Old but gold question. Well you can remove and disable the Standard login handler. (I recommend just disable) Just disable the Standard login handler and enable which login handler do you want to use.
  3. MrAlicard

    IOS or Android?

    Well probably someone mentioned this already but I will say my opinion about this. I will list some pros and cons. Android better because: You can customize however do you want without limit. You can buy cheap devices with android Android worse because: It can get easier all type of viruses Antivirus needs to be installer to the phone and therefore more resources will be used You don't get often updates which are very important for security purpose and bug fixes. After 1-2 year or so you will not get update to the same device. iOS better because: You get updates to a 3-4 years old device too. You will not get viruses so easy than Android. Stability better than Android. You don't need extra programs to protect your iOS. iOS worse because: More expensive than the newest Android devices You can't do whatever you want as on the Android Limited control you have over the device If the device will die then Apple Store say only "We can't fix your device" or they will "fix" and give to you with worse shape Personally I am iOS user. Why? Because I think to the updates. I need the security updates and bug fix updates. Those manufactures which use Android as OS, concentrate only to the profit so they will not update the older devices. They will force you to buy the new model instead. For example Samsung. Well iOS is the same almost with the battery incident that they slowed down the old devices because of the battery life be longer. Everybody has their own taste but what I can say, you can have iphone 6 too or iphone 7 too which have lower price and you get the updates. Nowadays the security the most important and not that you need to have the latest devices with ultra super features.
  4. Hello Can someone upload this https://www.bootstrapdash.com/product/star-admin-pro/ ? Yeah, there is a free version but it would be nice with the pro version which has more functions than the free.
  5. Hello It will sounds like that I advert my bot but it is not. If you think it is advert then you can say to the staff and they will decide then. The only purpose to this method is that nobody need to pay and nobody need to have knowledge programming a chat bot. Well I created a Discord Bot which will help forum owners to check if on the Discord server the members joined to the forum or not. It will be long tutorial so I will do shorter tutorial here. You can read more details at https://idunetwork.eu.org/lucy/ You need invite Lucy to your Discord server You need follow this long tutorial https://forum.idunetwork.eu.org/topic/32-setup-forum-command-and-check-forum-name/ I tried my best to be easy to use the command so I hope that you will understand. But before you would use the command, you will need to prepare your forum first. If the member run the .forumcheck or .fc command then Lucy will check if the information correct. If it correct then they will get the specific role which the Discord owner defined in the .setforum command. If you have question about this function then don't hesitate to ask me.
  6. Well I will filter then manually. This topic can be closed.
  7. Well I found a solution. This topic can be closed.
  8. Hello How can I get only the custom field value? For example I created a profile field with Discord name and I try get the value via REST API if the member put his/her name in the field. I can get all profile details with api/index.php?/core/members API method and I get the discord field too. It is nice but I need to request ONLY the discord field. Is there is a way to do that or I must filter manually with php code the results?
  9. Hello Currently I am developing a discord chat bot in NODE.JS and I don't know the method how can I check if the member of the discord server registered already on the forum or not. For example if I write .check then the bot will send to forum the member's id number to the forum and the forum will give the answer if there is someone who use this discord id on the forum or not. In theory I thought that if someone connect their forum account to their discord account "Login Handler" then they would have their discord id in the database. But then there is a problem again. I don't know how to request via forum api if there is someone who use the specific discord id or not. So in short which discord handler would be good for ips 4.3 and which api request I need to use to check the discord id? I know it is little difficult to understand but if you don't understand something then you can ask and I will try explain better somehow.
  10. Hello How can I change language with url address? For example: www.website.com/?language=en (to english) www.website.com/?language=hu (to hungarian) I saw somewhere this 1 year ago but I didn't find again.
    Very nice. Thank you. Can you upload the newest version?
  11. Ok, it's nothing. Here is: api/forums/topics?sortBy=date&sortDir=desc Mods, you can close the topic.
  12. Download the files You can do composer but not necessary, if you want then you need https://getcomposer.org/ If you don't know how to use composer then go with your cmd to your folder where you extracted the downloaded github files and wirote composer After you can use this code: <?php require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php'; // Autoload files using Composer autoload use IPSConnect\Slave as IPSSlave; $slave = new IPSSlave("http://yourboardurl.com", "[your-master-key]"); if($slave->attempt("username/email", 'password')) { // Do something } ?> You need give the master key which you can find on your forum admincp Login Handlers And lastly you can put POST method If you can't do this, then I can help you via teamviewer. You need give me ID and password from teamviewer program in PM. IF YOU DON'T KNOW what is teamviewer then I recommend read first what can do with teamviewer.
  13. Here is: https://github.com/Hunterm267/IPSConnect-Client You create your PHP version with POST methods and your VB.NET program or C# program can send details to your php.
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