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  1. Error on IPS4

  2. Error on IPS4

    Cheers for answers problem was I required to update php version <3
  3. Error on IPS4

    Please help!
  4. Error on IPS4

    I've uploaded clean files and tried to install and got this error
  5. Error on IPS4

    Could anyone help me ? Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /home/newsantos/domains/webshelp.lt/public_html/system/Member/Member.php on line 2802 and this is the line from code } $fields[ $profileFieldGroup ] = ( new \IPS\core\ProfileFields\Api\FieldGroup( $this->language()->get( 'core_pfieldgroups_' . $profileFieldGroup ), $groupValues ) )->apiOutput(); } }
  6. Deflection edited Ecila Romania

    why your skins doesn't have a sidebar list ?
  7. Style Gaming Ecila Ipb

    good skin but doesn't have siderbar list that bad.
  8. Spark 3 [3.4.x] Retail

    help my why i can't import skin image
  9. Spark 3

    can't mount image-spark any help ?