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  1. Did that fix your problem ?
  2. Need the color code to what you want to change it to. Need a link to the forum so we can find the correct CSS
  3. AdminCP > System > Support > Something is not working
  4. @[email protected] I'm closing this topic, as it seems @Isabel have done a great job. If you require further things regarding this please create a new topic. As you have not responded in one week after this. Thank you
  5. Just tested with the guide form here Works fine. Make sure in your twitter dev area do the following Settings > Allow Twitter to sign in Paste in the URL to the forum in website and callback (so if your site is then its - copy and paste from url) Permissions > Read and Write Paste the API and Secret Key (Make sure there are no spaces) Save
  6. The request(s) in this topic have been filled and the file has been provided. This topic is now closed. If you have other requests, please open a new topic.
  7. @MrAlicard
  8. Group Color on User Link

    Version 9


    About This File ATTN: Version 9 is the initial version for IPS 4.2 and is NOT compatible with 4.19.x or lower. To download Version 8 for use with 4.1.19.x or lower click the change log button below and select Version 8. This plugin forces user links to display member group color/formatting. This applies in all places where the \IPS\Member object is used to produce links to a member. With Version 3, this plugin now supports Search and Stream results with some caveats. Any changes to the Core - System - searchResults template will likely break this plugin, at least as far as those pages go (but if they break you'll probably need to disable this entirely). There seem to be some systemic problems with theme hooks within this template (or at least while IN_DEV) so I needed to grab most of the template to do what needed to be done. This template needs to be fiddled with due to the fact that IPS does not use the \IPS\Member object in Search and Stream result creation but rather fetches a handful of fields from the member database directly. This results in the author/member names being dumped in as plain text and formatted with language keys. I had to force-feed group formatting into the mix and then change all the language calls to allow for html to parse correctly. You will notice that possessives are NOT formatted (i.e. Flitterkill's topic, etc...) You'll have to live with that until I get drunk enough to want to bother with accounting for possessives. It will not be "fun". On profile view, your status update name remains unformatted but replies are formatted. Also keep in mind that your user name in the cover photo and also on profile hovercards (when you cursor over a username/photo and the mini profile appears) - those usernames remain unformatted and probably should remain that way. See below. This remains UNSUPPORTED! You can shoot me a PM if there are problems (or if that template gets changed) but do not expect instantaneous fixes/support.
  9. need to use php and a db query to retireve it once that is done display that info in a table. Then add that table custom made as a group and into the staff page
  10. Oh you mean like these that still work and exsist? Though the guide you have sounds nice how to create it.
  11. There are js projects for that you can include like this though you can do some basic ones check out the examples. Also, 4.1 IPS has I believe FontAwesome 4.5 latest version is 4.7.x so there are some icons missing, though you can update this yourself. I do Believe though that 4.2 has the latest version of FA
  12. Need to remove the box shadow applying none an important won't work as box shadow takes several arguments you can try Box shadow 1px solid transparent One mobile so can't make the code correctly but you get the idea
  13. Well then i suggest you make a request for osmone to get that plugin for you, when you get 15 posts. If not you can do that with javascript too, and lightbox
  14. Did it work ?
  15. Please dont post discord links to other forums, need help on discord you can join the Webflake discord. (Link removed) If you doing 4.1 -> 4.2 you need to install one first. Upload all 4.1 in a fresh folder (or root directory) go to Follow onscreen instructions and install the board, where you provide MySQL database info and root admin account Once installed (this should not give errors, make sure you have fulfilled all requirements for the install) Again overwrite with 4.2 if you wanted to upgrade. go to You can also skip 4.1 if you have nothing installed and install the 4.2 directly the same way. Where did you get the IPS nulled forum from? Webflake or another website?
  16. Need more info specific plugin? What you trying to achive as you can use javascript to create a popup no need for a plugin
  17. Make sure you upload all files, (Redo it if possible) Make sure you grab latest 4.2 or
  18. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  19. I just did... i need to see the board to give you the correct CSS
  20. Could apply something like "display: none;"
  21. Its the same
  22. we still are
  23. Could also use CSS to hide it if wanted, though @mr-pimpen came with a great way to do it too Possible to just remove from the main menu?