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  1. several plugins no longer works

    Do you have any errors in your Console log Also try AdminCP > System > Support > Something is not working
  2. Approval queue stuck

    As @Chris81 kindly said its SQL not CSS. You can use tools like HeidiSQL or phpMyAdmin to run the query.

    You wanna try say that again i got completely lost you want to do a team viewer session. The sentence there is all gibberish if you ask me.
  4. Include init.php

    As i said before i work mostly from the frontend with Typescript so i don't do the inti.php part i don't need it i got an API for 90% of what i need.
  5. REST API with rewrite urls

    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  6. REST API with rewrite urls

    Just a tip enable FURL to don't have to use the ugly url system for APis
  7. Count to 10 before a staff member posts

    I found your topic! *nom nom nom*
  8. Removing line around the photo

    This is a English speaking forum, if english is not your main language please use a google translator. You can use CSS to remove the border around it, if you can supply a link then i can get you the CSS
  9. Include init.php

    Like I said, to check if a user is logged in or not you check if they are authorized. In the API you have to be authorized to make POST / GET request to certain endpoints. If they do NOT have a token (which they get by logging in) then they are not logged in. When it comes to the question regarding the lastActivity. You can loop over all members, and show the one with the latest timestamp. This gets pushed into an array and then be displayed ordered by or counted. I'm more of an Angular person and JS so I don't know for PHP but the thing would be the same. anyways glad you fixed the issue.
  10. Include init.php

    So then instead of modifying and pull(ing) out classes and functions from a place, the REST API is used to do exactly that. You can, of course, do it but I would not recommend it. The REST API was created to make things like that work in a good and easy fashion (So an outside website or Application) can talk to the forum. When you say limited (What is it that you mean with it) What functionality are you missing? As with the API, you can do the following. Full CRUD functionality (Create, Read (View), Update, Delete) for (Forum, Calendar, Downloads, Blog, Gallery, E-Commerce) Check if a user is logged in or not. Create, Update, View, Delete Users from your application So I'm not sure what you are referring to as limited / lacking.
  11. Include init.php

    Alright, let me ask this and i will have to edit my posts accordingly. Are you creating your own website / page (in PHP) that is been connected to the forum. OR Are you creating a page /application / plugin inside the forum (using IPS Pages) etc.
  12. Include init.php

    Would it not be easier instead of just grab random functions that depends on other files to use the REST API ? Thats just what it is for, The REST API, make a authorization call to the endpoint store the token. Then check if the user has the token. If they have the token they are logged in. If they don't then we know they are not authenticated so we treat them as a guest. https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api
  13. Include init.php

    What are you trying to achieve ? the init.php is normally there to start the whole process not just do the login btw.
  14. How upgrade the last version IPS 4.2.6 Nulled?

    you always want to backup everything.