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  1. @Balkron IF this is a IPS question (by looking at the code it looks like it) Would this not be posted in IPS Support? Could you let us know if this is the case and I will move it for you.
  2. Would be great if @alexia could post here as well about it, and select best answer and I can just get this closed Oh and @Dusan i'm glad your helping users over PM but it might be easier to help in the threads as it builds posts and community encouragement. More people post and read your answer and help out more people.
  3. Have you checked the console for JS errors etc or any errors at all ? You can access it in chrome by pressing F12 or Right click anywhere and inspect and select console
  4. Check that the database name is the same in details etc.
  5. I didnt even know Android had a built in "database" of addons... You mean maybe more apps in their app store right @marko123