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  1. It's a forum why don't you explain it here and let others see the solutions or could help too ?
  2. Could just use the Topic Feed block and select it to only show if featured then you "feature" tag all topics that needs to be an announcement.
  3. It's built in into the Fourms. Click the > on the side and add the block
  4. When you run the installer it will tell you And it will also deny you to install it if something is missing.
  5. Isn't that like comparing oranges to bananas ? I mean it just depends what sport you like. Either you like rought contact sport on ice or you like a quick ball jumps and shoots.
  6. Have you tried to repair your database etc. Because i think that's the issue
  7. So that a YES i tested it and it's there or YES i tested it and it's not there? I mean how can people help if you give a one word answer to it comon.
  8. Have you tested it on default theme? Also please redo your topic. Make sure its informative. "Question" is not informative or helpful others to find or help you out.
  9. Select MyBB and see what it can migrate by using the converter that's built in. Though would suggest 4.3
  10. Then I would say you gave the wrong files the wrong permissions. Also you sure it was the permissions that did it? Could it be a sql compromise?
  11. No logs no info kind of hard to give it a guess. If questions like these are asked I do suggest to provide logs or useful information. I mean did it get any errors ? Did it convert correct ? Did you convert it at all ? How many did it so convert etc.
  12. Need to remove the box-shadow for the container holding it.