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  1. no lag ? What type of android phone did you test 😮
  2. No it doesn't. I would say it has the same security as Windows in a way. You create files in your home folder, like on your users desktop or my documents. No password is required. You want to access an area that's not your users then yes, same with Windows. But a more secure 🔐 os I would agree on What you mean?
  3. You need to give more info then that. i if(user.secondary_group) { do stuff } This for PHP, is it for Javascript, what are you trying to gain. If you can't really write more then 1 or 2 lines of help text, then I can't really write more then if(!helpful) { return "Can't help user" } else { return "Sure I can help" }
  4. Your version says 3.4 is this what you ar elooking for or you looking for 4.2 4.3 @faccoescity
  5. So is the question from Wordpress or Phpbb. If its PHPBB ill move this out as its in the incorrect place. In what way are you trying to integrate it would be smart to post.
  6. So in what way a portal ? What you trying to achieve ?
  7. Cookie Monster


    This is not a tutorial, so i'm gonna delete this post as its not worth having. If you want to write a tutorial but 1 line and thank you is not a tutorial.
  8. For what sorry? Or this you spamming a place without even reading the topic? @MonkeyLord1234546 This is because the paths are different, I would suggest check global config and check through the database and change the reference
  9. You need to set apache to own the folder so you need to chown the folder Also just because you don't understand the error doesn't mean its "gay shit"
  10. Thats the upload file so how much you can upload as a file your controlling not how much the database can hold per field btw.
  11. It depends, technically you can't as you store it in a database and the way its stored its certain amount of data. But there should be a thing in adminCP under posts you can control max images etc.