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  1. I asked @Cookie Monster to resign due to his commitments elsewhere. It was a largely mutual agreement. I still have a ton of respect for Cookie, even if that feeling isn't reciprocal. I have nothing but respect for yourself @Tony it was that time where my life had big changes like marriage and work, so I was unable to perform my duties. Again nothing but respect and maybe one day i might be back
  2. Hey man where is the senior moderator?You very good moderator.

    1. Jeffrey


      Cookie resigned from Senior Moderator. Anymore details will be kept within the staff team.

    2. ZAPRE


      I'm so sorry he was a good senior moderator

  3. As your topic appears to be a support topic for IPS, we have moved it to the appropriate forum.
  4. Have you tried run the supåport tool that it says in AdminCP - Support ?
  5. I would guess you need to force refresh also using the support tool in the admin area
  6. I would possible get a more reliable CDN <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css" /> I would also advise get 5 instead though you might need to change some of the code depending on if this is vanilla or the forums.
  7. This is also the wrong place to post it. Please do read this Going to lock this
  8. Check that all files are uploaded, and also check for errors in the console (Chrome you can press F12, or right click and inspect) IF any errors what are the errors ? Also try a different theme ? Does it work on that?
  9. I personally feel the other way. I run Plesk on my VPS, still can do the exact same thing, plugins to support a wider range of things like NodeJS and Docker. With these in the support, I really don't need much more. Again it builds down to what you need and what you use the panel for. Personally, I find Cpanel "easier" to use less polluted or navigation, while Plesk has the features I need if I look for them.
  10. You need to include jquery as well I'm going to guess that jquery is not loaded yet, your backstretch loads before it and thuse it will fail to execute the function.
  11. If this is in chrome right click and inspect and check the console for errors. HAve you given the group permission to use the chat etc ?
  12. The topic was really poor so rewrote it to read better. I personally look 5 and the gameplay better then 4. 4 Was good for it's time but to this date 5 is still playable and even more enjoyable.
  13. I work as a Senior Full Stack Developer developing web applications and mobile applications
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