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  1. I think you can hide it with CSS simply and then add just upload and attach it to the usergroup. Should technically be a 1 line CSS thing to hide the text under if that's what you want.
  2. One thing you can do for a community is to report it, report the topic or post so we get notified and can clean it up I mean instead of posting why its happening, it has to be a fine line between simple registration and trying to prevent bots. Personally I been a mod for over a year and I find it's decreasing then increasing again depending time, weather, season etc.
  3. I would suggest just delete them from the admin panel, as IPS uses MySQL and this is a relations Database meaning you can delete something but that won't work because other things are not, unless you know what you are deleting. Did you try to delete the question and re-create them directly in AdminCP
  4. Isn't the ports different from what a web API uses and what the game port is using if i remember correctly?
  5. Or you my friend got the wrong idea, the main point is this is a FORUM, a Community. If we just wanted to list free resources we wouldn't bother with other parts. So i would disagree with it and say you are missing the point. And you so far have made 8 posts and all you wanted was free resources that others spent time and money to buy and get and you get to test and use for free. So a little effort from your side even might be good ?