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    It seems like a cool plugin but Not working for me, posts wont slide, the sidebar shows how it should but it only shows the last post. ips 4.3.6
  1. iGreen

    IOS or Android?

    i never used ios, so android.
  2. What is the name of this plugin that show this message?
  3. ill let you know tommorow if it worked, thank you very much bro. ps: how did u color the sub-forums in blue?
  4. neither 1 of them work bro, maybe i should do something else? really sorry for that behavior
  5. Anyone? here's an example how it looks while the word angels should be red, did u change the code or something? will someone fkn answer for fks sake already? does it take a year to get support here?
  6. Hi guis, i used to have html colors in sub-forums just like in this pic -> i was using simple code like <font color="red">text</font> now it doesnt work anymore, it doesnt work i think since i upgraded to 4.3, and i tried and didnt make it so i forgot about it but now i really want colors back and i need ur help, maybe i need to use other code or something? thank you.
    i think we need 1.0.6 because 1.0.1 is making images disapear from slider after 1/2 days, im using chameleon black last version on ips 4.3.6
    cool, now emoticons are working again but the star symbol showing as a broken image thx bro
  7. Hi, my name is Alex, im 23yo and i really apreciate the work you do here. Respect for you guys.