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  1. Hello all, my name is Scott. I have worked with IPB Software for the past 12 years, i'm 25 from england.
  2. hello if u are in need of any assistance feel free to hit me up
  3. welcome message me if u need any help at all!
  4. Welcome to the webflake.sx forum, my name is Scott if I can assist you in anyway shape or form feel free to send me a PM
  5. It's a good game but I must admit I do prefer fortnite over apex
  6. I can't find that is it under css or templates? EDIT: Found it but that guide I searched for exact spot but doesn't give a search result this is my forumRow entire file; https://pastebin.com/TwEru9a9 nvm i found it thank you
  7. what file is this found in ?
  8. Hello basically I am on IPB 4.3.6 and next to each category/forum it only displays posts, not posts and topics, how can I fix this? All help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello my name is Scott 25 from england, UK. Call of Duty lover and RS realist.
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