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Upgrade to Snow for $20 USD and receive a free copy of Oblivion Light ($5 discount).
Upgrade to +Blizzard for $35 USD and receive a free copy of Oblivion Light ($15 discount).

Please visit the thread below for more details.

Contact @Davlin with questions or comments.

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  1. Hi, which donation plugin is used for webflake ? any one know.any one can give that plugin
  2. It was in the wrong section, thread got closed. @AwesomeBoy - Go into cpanel (I assume you have it installed) and repair the database of your forum. This error comes from a crashed mysql table. thank you mate.problem fixed
  3. I'm using Ipboard 4.0.11 Script was working fine on the website but suddenly yesterday I'm getting an error on the site like "A configuration or server error has occurred" More detail, " Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again.Error code: EX145 " anyone know why?