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  1. [WF NULL] IPS Community Suite

    waiting for 4.2.1 thank you mate
  2. Apache vs Nginx

  3. Fixed navigation on scroll

    thank you
  4. How to remove "Forums" of board index

    thank you
  5. Hello

    hi friend
  6. Hello everyone

    welcome mate
  7. downgrade

    i don't have.i can't reinstall because our site is high popular.alexa rank below 1k. any other method possible
  8. downgrade

    how to downgrade IPS to 4.1.16 site response too slow.so i want to downgrade what will do.
  9. how to install IPS on NGINX server

    any one know how to install IPS on NGINX server.i want help ?
  10. database crash

    @titcrunch how's do that ?
  11. database crash

    we have one popular site with huge traffic.but site crashing every day due to database error core_cache, core_log and core_sessions are most probably crashing everyday.we using apache web server, VPS with 4GB Ram. core_cache and core_log are huge size on everyday (approximately 8GB withing 2-3 days) .when i empty both table then site working normally. any one know why this problem occur. thank you
  12. Backup restore

    check your themes and plugins.also deactivate your plugins and try again
  13. CSKEditor not working

    CSKEditor not working my forum what will do ?
  14. Hi, which donation plugin is used for webflake ? any one know.any one can give that plugin