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  1. I am looking forward to get this app. Willing to spend half. If someone want to contribute, feel free to PM me. Regards, 0day
  2. I got that app. Moderators can close this thread and consider transaction completed.
  3. Good web hosting is one of the best these days. Their shared hosting servers are blazing fast.
  4. Hey bro, i got this app. If you still need it you can split the cost with me. Thanks
  5. Points 1.0.4

    If you're still looking for this app, PM me.
  6. Hello, i am looking for the following IPB app: If someone willing to contribute 7 dollars, i will buy and share it.
  7. Hey Everyone, anyone have this plugin? If someone can contribute half, let me know. Regards, 0day
  8. IPS is one of the best in terms of active support
  9. yeah, once my knee gets broken by playing football in rainy day. It was so painful.
  10. Thanks, i will try to be active in this community. I have lot of paid IPB stuff to share with you guys.
  11. Firefox, as its secure and fast. safari on phone
  12. .Net, PHP, HTML, JAVA, C++ these are i am learning.
  13. over confident people, people with no common sense at all.
  14. emojis and OAuth2 are the ones that excites me much about 4.3
  15. Hello, Welcome to webflake! Make sure you read our rules and enjoy your stay here. If you need any help, just let us know . Best regards, 0day