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  1. I have one forum that is still on version 3.4.8, the license has expired and I have not upgraded it yet because of the custom hooks that I have and they are not available on version 4.x The problem I have is that I can't do recache all, I get this error: mySQL query error: INSERT INTO baza87cache_store (`cs_array`,`cs_key`,`cs_value`,`cs_updated`,`cs_rebuild`) VALUES(1,'licenseData','a:2:{s:12:\"_cached_date\";i:1579864587;s:3:\"key\";a:2:{s:8:\"_expires\";i:9999999999;s:7:\"expires\";i:9999999999;}}',1579864587,0) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE cs_array=VALUES(cs_array),cs_key=VALUES(cs_key),cs_value=VALUES(cs_value),cs_updated=VALUES(cs_updated),cs_rebuild=VALUES(cs_rebuild) I am not a sql expert but I guess the issue have something to do with a expired license. Do you have any clue how to fix this, or I need to renew license and ask invision for a help? I will appreciate any help, thx.
  2. I just bought a licence for bitdefender total security 2016 3pc 2y. for 7$ on ebay, this days you can buy licenses for a few bucks, just need to know where to look for it, also often you can get good antivirus software for free with long trial period 9mon., 1 y., ect. on various promotions.
  3. Firefox on desktop pc, and cm browser on smartphones.
  4. ​Yes, that's it, style was word-break: break-word; not word-warp now it works as it should, thx Phun ;)
  5. Zoom is already on 100% changing the zoom has no effect as well as changing the size and type of font in firefox, I noticed that this happens when the sentences in the post has no gaps (space) between them and especially if it is a longer sentence, I use [HSC] Recent Posts (Sidebar Block) v2.1 , Post Content is limit on 90 maximum number of characters, if I reduce to 45 characters then the text does not go beyond the borders, but 45 characters is not enough.
  6. I have a strange problem it happens sometimes in Firefox (which I use) but not in Chrome he shows correctly, sometimes the text on the sidebar (Latest Posts) is out of borders, I do not know what could cause this It happens on every theme, it's no big deal, but it looks ugly Is that a problem generally in the browser or it has something to do with ipb, css, ect. ? any advice is appreciated.
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