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  1. In some languages there is this problem in mobile, where the date of the last post in the index and forums is displayed as %d min, %d hours and %d days This can happen if you are using the Brazilian Portuguese language or if you are using a language of 4.1 in 4.2. The solution is simple. Go to: ACP > Localization > Languages In your language, click at button "Translate"... Then click the gear icon next to the search bar. Several language search options will appear. The first one is "Key" and that's where you should put the keys of the dates of the last post on mobile of the language to be able to find them. After searching for the key, you'll probably find a result that looks like this: You should then copy the content that is next to it from the English language to the language you are translating. You should do this same process with all the date keys. The keys are: f_minutes_short f_hours_short f_days_short If I find another key I will update the tutorial.
  2. Yes, please welcome me!

  3. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8398-ips4-brazilian-portuguese-language-pack/
  4. staff online plugin

    The easiest way (and if you're familiar with PHP) is to create custom blocks yourself. If in the plugin settings there is no way to choose which groups will appear in the list, then this is a problem with the plugin .. You can then use the standard IPB blocks. The Members block (System> Members), choose the groups that will appear, choose the Currently Online option and the Sort by Last Activity option. He will make a staff online, but will show with the delay of 5 minutes and will disappear when no one is online, as it should be.
  5. staff online plugin

    As far as I know, any blocks in IPB 4 disappear when there is nothing to show. For example, the Members block, if you choose to show in the block the users who have been active in the last 5 minutes it will display. But if there is no user online 5 minutes ago the block will disappear. And it has a delay of 5 minutes to appear because the blocks are stored by cache.
  6. Add social icons to your header

    Nice tutorial
  7. Tips for making a forum successful?

    Thanks Davlin There really needs to be a differential. I will meet with other administrators about this. Competitions is a good idea, Captain American Great observation. I'll look at every possible forum on the subject and try to find ways to bring unique things. A question for all: Do you think it is valid to limit the number of topics that visitors can see? So he will have to register to see the content.
  8. Tips for making a forum successful?

    It's a forum about music, television, movies, series and chat.
  9. I've tried so many things already. Disclose on social networks, post with multiple accounts, fill the content forum and nothing seems to attract visitors to register. I have installed plugins that redirect the guests to the registration page and nothing. The forum reaches 500 daily visits but no registration. How to make a forum successful?
  10. Staff Updates

    Congrats Saviour and Cookie Monster
  11. Apologies and greetings

    Hi Isabel, welcome
  12. How to upgrade

  13. How to upgrade

    it's very simple for making backup: If you have an FTP account, then log in to Filezilla and download all your forum files to your computer. Then, if your host has a cpanel login and open phpmyadmin, select the database of your forum and click the EXPORT button. Then export the database to your computer and the backup will be done successfully!