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  1. Bought something with them-- was very straight forward, reliable, and quick! Would buy again with Kaneko!
  2. Hello everyone, Sorry for my barrage of questions.. i'm just trying to learn. I am trying to create a Naruto community on IPB, and thought it may be a nice look to try to make the forum title bars into scrolls (see image below). Would anyone be able to help me achieve this? If this is not possible, i'd have to resort to just a texture overlay.. and again, no idea how to do that. I would great appreciate some help! = ) Vlad https://gyazo.com/bdef6d1f6503135b39e3874db803becc
  3. Thank you! Where would I paste this? Sorry, I am still learning EDIT: Figured it out! Thanks so much! I set it to 10% for desired effect ^^
  4. Hello everyone, I have looked around, but am unable to find out how to turn my square profile pictures into rounded corners squares (as in the example). Would anyone be able to give me some direction on how to make "squircles"? Thanks a bunch! =>
  5. Vlad

    Xenforo or IPB?

    IPB all the way!
  6. Vlad


    Almost like you didn't ready anything I wrote.
  7. Vlad


    Hello! Hey, i'm Vlad! Been lurking on Webflake for a long time
  8. I got this resolved! Thanks to the kindness and patience of our lovely admin! @Davlin
  9. Move whole forum down some Would anyone know how to move the forum index starting point so it goes lower?
  10. WoW RP Server Forum Ranks Hey guys, I used to be active 3-4 years earlier before it became Webflake.sx, and I even uploaded a few things I bought off Invision- but I have left the gaming community scene for a few years due to personal reasons, but I have returned now! I am including a bit of a shamless plug along with my request, but I currently run a WoW RP server set in the burning crusade time period, and have recently got a forums up! I, however, need some forum ranks that are fitting for the theme of the server! If somebody could make a forum rank icon (template) that has a beautiful ribbon just like this, and easy to change the color, I would love you forever and offer a tip!
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