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  1. Thanks, it works, should've read 'readme' first.
  2. I just bought the bundle and tried to download, but says 4.4 ONLY and 4.3 ONLY. I'm using 4.5.4 and honestly, I don't know if 4.4 will work, that why I thought to ask. By the way, nowhere says that is 4.5 uncompatible, if is not, please add a notice..
  3. The Dark theme it's bad, i mean this Lite one it's better. On the dark theme, maybe you can put in sidebar black twitter feed. I hope it's ok if i posted here.
    @AceNetwork you just drag it where you have IPS installed. My path to that folder its something like this: name.tld/forum/hgkdesigns After this should be everything ok. @Evvcio it's not writed by me, I don't know CSS, just a little bit of HTML, I paid a private designer, I'm just bored, I want to change it to a theme from IPSFocus, it's more smooth.
  4. f l o r i n


    Version 1.0.0


    This is the first version of a gaming theme. Was created for a romanian gaming community, but we decided to switch the theme with a more simple theme. If it's something missing and doesn't work, just post a comment and i'll try to update and see what's missing. In the near future maybe i'll update this theme with the pop-up profile.
  5. I followed your tutorial step by step,but this makes them blurry. How can i fix that? .PNG images are blured, but .GIF images looks fine.
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