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  1. Tough cause I think they're both really good. Comes down to need but I like ipboard way better.
  2. both have pros and cons but for me, they both are basically the same
  3. So on IPB 4.1.19, when i press enter while typing, it does a extra wide, almost "double" enter key. Even while typing this, it did the same thing. is there any way to remove that? i know you can press shift enter for one space, but i dont really wanna keep pressing that.
  4. Would greatly appreciate it! Been looking for quite some time!
  5. Looking for [XFA] Roster 1.2.1 Anyone have this or can get it? Been looking for something like this for a long time!
  6. Hostgator. by far. never any issues and the support is quick.
  7. Honestly, it looks like the old one.
  8. emartinez111

    Suggest games

    ArmA 3. Best military sim ive seen in a long time
  9. Been using both, Xenforo is way better..The mods may not be as plentiful but IPB just getting a little dated
  10. yeah, the bluish green color. like if it had a little color palette i could pick what colors worked for me, that would be awesome.
  11. it sucks people still use it on here cause even with it off i dont hardly see any ads, so its not like you guys are running around with money over flowing from your pockets. i hjave probably used more content then you guys have made with the ads so i have no problem with it. i plan on donating in the future as well.
  12. I like how "clean" it looks. very nice theme.
  13. If the colors were changeable, i could use this theme for sure. Keep up the good work
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