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  1. Introduction Let's start the thread off by introducing myself. My name is Jeff and I am 19 years old. I currently live in Dallas, Texas (U.S) where I am working on my major in Computer Science. I look forward to working at a corporate office or within a game studio on a team of website/software developers. Since WebFlake doesn't pay me for provide free support, I am opening my tip jar. Free Support on WF will continue, so don't worry. I am opening this for those who appreciate my time and help for free. Services I will be in-charge of; Install forum - $5 Install applications & plugins - $5 (unlimited number of plugins/applications) Install themes - $5 (unlimited number of themes) Customize themes - $30 (editing pre-made themes) Customize plugins - $10 (editing pre-made plugins) Troubleshooting - $10 (will vary due to amount of bugs/complexity of bug) Custom Themes - Starting at $100 Hiring If you currently have a community that needs to be maintained and managed, I am willing to be hired as a part time web developer, starting at $20 hourly.. Under contact, I will work 20 hours a week (Monday - Friday), managing, running, maintaining, updating, and creating your IPS community. I am willing to negotiate prices and agreements. Experience 5 Years with IPS Community Forums (June 2013 - Present) 9 Months WebFlake Support Team (September 9th, 2017 to June 8th, 2018) 2+ Years of HTML & CSS (January 2016 - Present) Tip Jar PayPal: Biggest Donations @Cookie Monster - $10 @AntiMetaman - $5 N/A N/A N/A Accepted Payment Methods PayPal Bank Transfer Contact Discord; (Jeffrey#3384) Skype: xbpx14 Private Message Recent Work
  2. Use IPS 4.3.6 and go through the install process.
  3. Creating a new account would be pointless as hell. In order to become an active user again, you only have to make ONE post. If you don't have the motivation to be an active user on Webflake, why should you be allowed to use the Downloads section?
  4. Retail is an unedited version of the official software from the Invision Community website. You need a license key in order to use it. Nulled is an edited version of the official software from the Invision Community website. You do not need a license key in order to use it. However in nulled, the only thing that is edited here on WF is how the software handles license keys. Sadly, in other websites' nulled versions, they include security flaws and exploits to take over your site.
  5. Check your config and .htaccess files and make sure the URL are the same as the directory the software is in.
  6. Then #elSearchWrapper { display: none; }
  7. #elSearchWrapper.cSearchExpanded { display: none; }
  8. Admin CP -> Search: Meta Tags -> Launch Live Meta Editor -> Look for og:title -> remove Forums
  9. #elUserNav.cSignedOut { display: none; } Admin CP -> Themes -> edit current theme -> CSS tab -> custom.css
  10. Can you please provide a link to your forum ?
  11. You can use CSS .(element) { display: none; }
  12. This isn't a plugin and is already in the software. If you edit a forum and change the forum type to Questions, this will be included in that forum.
  13. Jeffrey

    IPS 4.3 Topic icons

    I'd like to apologize. I didn't realize that guide was a bit outdated. Here is a guide, made by @Phun, for this:
  14. The font isn't loaded onto the forum? CSS: Font file is currently in public_html/assets/fonts/galano.otf/
  15. The user is trying to receive the latest version of the theme (4.2.5). Currently, we only have 4.1.9 in the downloads section.
  16. If you use a legit license key with the software, you will be allowed to use the applications you've paid for in the license. Any other IPS application (unpaid) will be locked and you'd be required to purchase the application. There is no way to detect if plugins are paid or unpaid by IPS.
  17. If you want to get a server for your Minecraft Server, it would be better to get Linux.
  18. In Admin Control Panel, search Captcha Type. Choose what Captcha Type you want to use. If you need a Site Key and Secret Key, you can get one @
  19. individual members can’t get paid. in the payment settings, you have to enter an api key and a “secret” id, linking to your paypal.
  20. Have you tried to remove the current software files, clear the database, and try again?
  21. It seems that line 390 deals with meta tags;