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  1. Good web hosting

    I use SiteSpace. It offers low cost SSD hosting: https://www.sitespace.io/
  2. How to add this?

    To set the group icon, click on the group you want to add it to and upload it: The social icons are custom made.
  3. Edit Administrator Group

    Check your database. There could be a problem with the group and its id.
  4. To add items to your navigation bar, you should use the menu manager under Site Features. https://i.gyazo.com/e2e3e876346c7e43d44e8ad12da82c3c.png
  5. Error Installation

    Did you give your database user all the selected permissions?
  6. Icons on secundary navigation menu

    #elUserLink_menu li[data-menuItem='NAV TITLE'] a:before { content:"ID FROM FONTAWESOME"; }
  7. Change mention color

    a[data-mentionid] { background: COLOR; }
  8. ACP Theme

    Use another acp theme. If you recently switched from one host to another, it broke because there's an issue with the database.
  9. Profile tab in Group Option

    I did read what you said. I only made an observation that it's not a common error in the software.
  10. Profile tab in Group Option

    It doesn't seem to be an issue for me: I'm currently using the IPS 4.2.4 WF nulled version.
  11. help - white website after importing database

    Yes it would. But, that's not what I was telling you to do. Install the new forum completely and use the converter application/tool in the admincp.
  12. Followers | Member Titles

    Members can't edit their own member titles. Only moderators and administrators can.
  13. help - white website after importing database

    I don't believe you can move the database from forum to forum without using the installer. You should have used the converters already in the software.
  14. Premium Toplist

    Anyone have this? https://codecanyon.net/item/premium-toplist-topsite-script/11848937