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  1. It's more than likely due to; ipsNavBar_active As it only happens when you hover or have an active item
  2. It's the same on all DevFuse products
  3. What if you're broke like me? :c
  4. In the alert, "Tasks" is underlined meaning there is a link. Click the link and run the task.
  5. You could do this, however members using this guide don't know html or css very well. Plus you'd have to add the CSS to every theme you're using and that's not very efficient.
  6. More than likely a CSS issue. If you PM me your forum url, I'd be able to help you.
  7. Esta es una comunidad de habla inglesa
  8. Go into the database and find the core_members table. Remove the table that displays IP Addresses. Then, in the admin cp, you can disable moderators and administrators from seeing IP Addresses. Even so, you can edit the current theme you're using and remove the code that displays IP's on posts.
  9. What messages are you receiving?
  10. I prefer using custom ones I've made. But, the most popular (that I've seen) are Animate, Villain, and mostly IPSFocus themes.
  11. Try upgrading the theme to the latest version to work on 4.3.
  12. In the previous releases, you were required to change the permissions in order to proceed with the upgrade. I think this has been changed in the 4.3.5 WF release.
  13. What kind of project is this for? A game server? A forum community? Also, what exactly are you looking for to be done? I understand that you wrote applications, hooks, custom php code, and theme editing, however it would be better to specifically highlight whatever you want done.
  14. .cPost { color: #FFF; } or body { color: #fff; }