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  1. HTML User Titles

    I think what you're saying might be unrelated, I tried it, but didn't work. Another issue, is that I can't rename the site name from IPS Community Suite to my site name, and I cannot change members groups to groups I have created. Attachments for all the examples included, any help would be appreciated. I think this install might be screwed up in so many ways, I might have to just use IPB 3.4 (was never a fan of IPS to start with)
  2. HTML User Titles

    I used to use HTML user titles in IPB 3.4 via phpMyAdmin, inheriting the HTML manually and all worked fine, but I upgraded to Invision Power Suite, and now HTML titles are no longer working. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. My Showcase

    Some of these designs might seem random, and that's because they are. Some were for communities in the past, some are just to show off skill.
  4. [WIP] GameZone

    Pretty nice. Not a huge fan of that blue colour, but nice nonetheless.
  5. [Need Feedback] Clean and Simple

    Looks pretty good. I like the icons the most, but like said above, a little bit of colour might be nice.