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  1. You want to put link to a specified member or actually logged in?
  2. Inspect it with inspect element and check what css class does it have.
  3. Go to your ACP, type "Fields" in search box and click first link. There you can adjust custom fields. If you want to show them in author postbit, look to display settings.
  4. Check css for it when comes to this free space, and they are not working together because enchaced user info panel is replacing whole code for it. They're using default one with custom fields.
  5. And what if he doesn't has cPanel like you said in your post? Don't judge others, it's not cool.
  6. No, there is !important by it. Try adding them once again.
  7. Version 1.2.0


    This application will let allowed users to change PRIMARY member groups or add groups to SECONDARY groups in Moderator Panel. Admins won't have their group changed. Settings: Staff Grups: these groups won't appear as option to the moderator Allowed groups: the groups will be allowed to change member groups on ModeratorCP.

  8. This plugin will sort this out for ya
  9. Can i have a link to this theme? I will check it out.
  10. Like I said, doing it my way was easiest for me so I've posted how I did it.
  11. I've tried editing js file but it didn't change so I've did custom js file which is easy to change. Plus, not everyone has cpanel.
  12. There was already topic about this 500 error, it's timeout error. Try setting bigger upload limit.
  13. Personally I prefer Windows 7 as it was the best released windows yet (for me) but still, I have Ubuntu installed beside to my windows and I'm using it more then windows tho..
  14. I'm using Chrome for years now, only because it has most of my password saved and It syncs with my phone, on my phone sometimes I use Firefox/Opera.