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  1. Check group permissions.
  2. #N3CK

    IPS 4.2 Plugins

    If you don't have dev folder for plugin, then you can't edit source of plugin, but you still can edit it's options in plugin page list, or in it's folder on ftp, there is code file, but if you don't know what to do, then I wouldn't do anything in that file if I were you.
  3. There is setting "Can view other users topics?" disable it in that forum.
  4. Is there any data that you don't want to lose? If not, set up a fresh install. You can also try setting up a fresh install and use converter to convert database to newest.
  5. Group Name Indicator is a list of groups, in this case it will not help. Use Group Color on User Link @diseva1
  6. I've had this problem once, just copy this theme and it will start working.
  7. Try reinstalling plugin.
  8. Go to email settings, there is button top right for it.
  9. Check if your system is sending emails, there is option in ACP to sending test emails.
  10. Version 1.2.0


    This application will let allowed users to change PRIMARY member groups or add groups to SECONDARY groups in Moderator Panel. Admins won't have their group changed. Settings: Staff Grups: these groups won't appear as option to the moderator Allowed groups: the groups will be allowed to change member groups on ModeratorCP.

  11. Can i have a link to this theme? I will check it out.
  12. Personally I prefer Windows 7 as it was the best released windows yet (for me) but still, I have Ubuntu installed beside to my windows and I'm using it more then windows tho..
  13. I'm using Chrome for years now, only because it has most of my password saved and It syncs with my phone, on my phone sometimes I use Firefox/Opera.