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  1. Looks nice but the benefits aren't any better than a regular cc from your bank.
  2. @Cookie Monster Thank you for your help. I ended up finding a conf_key in core_sys_conf_settings called mfa_required_groups. I updated the conf_value which contains the groups that are required to use 2 Step Auth. (The built in one from IPB)
  3. I thought of this as well but the Auth applies to anyone who has access to ACP
  4. Still asking for Auth. Can't seem to find it anywhere else in the database. I did a dump and looked for anything related to MFA and didn't see anything.
  5. Found +---------+---------------+------------+--------------+---------------+----------+-------------+ | conf_id | conf_key | conf_value | conf_default | conf_keywords | conf_app | conf_plugin | +---------+---------------+------------+--------------+---------------+----------+-------------+ | 842 | twofa_enabled | 0 | 0 | NULL | NULL | NULL | +---------+---------------+------------+--------------+---------------+----------+-------------+ 1 row in set (0.00 sec) Uncertain why it is still enabled.
  6. I am running IPS 4.1 and I need to disable the default Two step that comes with IPS. I cannot find it anywhere in the database to disable. My auth codes suddently stopped working so I figured I'd disable it through the database but there is no clear table where this information is stored. Thanks
  7. Are you printing anything to the page using PHP on these pages?
  8. Sign up button currently having some issues - http://athenalayer.com/control-panel/finish.php
  9. The hook you installed is causing the issue. Can you show us the code of the hook you added?
  10. You probably removed ACP privileges accidentally. Do you have any other rank that has ACP access? You could edit your rank via Phpmyadmin to that rank and clean things up. If not you could also edit the permissions of the rank you have but the first solution would be easier.
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