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  1. Hi Guys, I have 2 questions really, Is there a way for me to add a sidebar to pages without one? Specifically there are 2 places i want to add a sidebar but there is no sidebar widget area available. First if for the "Members List Pro" app The second is for the Forum view page (where topics are listed). I feel like there should be a reasonably simple template edit but for the life of me i'm missing it. Thanks
  2. I was hoping BF5 would be a graphics update of 1942, but sadly its an arcade like mess. Bring back 1942!
  3. Apart from the "star" they are completely different! besides it should be "The Orville"
    Loved this theme on IPB 3, does anybody have the 4.3.x version available?
  4. I've gotten used to IPS 4 now but i really liked ipb3 but with it being dated now its hard to justify staying with 3 for any reason as anything you did in 3 can be done in 4 (although sometimes you need to get creative to make it work). I keep wanting to give Xenforo a chance but i also don't like their layout and have not really seen any customized examples that make me think i can turn it into something i / my communities would like. so IPS4 it is.
  5. pubg for me, fortnite is too cartoony for my liking, and as a free game it seems strange to me that people spend so much on in game purchases.
  6. For a client desktop, Ubuntu. But for anything acting as a server, Centos