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  1. Hello, after Patch upgrade to 3.4.7, i can't warn a Member. Error Code: [#10264.1]. Warning System is on, and i have a permission to warn. I think something wrong with this Patch.. Any ideas? "Sorry, you do not have permission to use this feature. If you're not online, you can do so using the form below." Thanks.
  2. Try to reupload a originals files to /admin, or check that all files has a correcly permissions, or check the file .htaccess
  3. Hmm, maybe you have checked at the ban list to ban email, name or permanently.. Uncheck if cecked.
  4. I'm not sure, but download from your server a file and delete from the server via ftp access(filezilla etc) or do at first a BACKUP, i'm not sure :x Try look ant the folder " Plugins " (yourdomain.com/plugins) and delete something with "2step Authentication" I want to know why you can access the Admin panel? At first you must enter a e-mail adress and password, then click sign-on/authentication button, the second step ist, you must go to your E-Mail, and find a e-mail letter from your communnity with the authentication code, go back to your Admin CP, enter email adress, password and the code from email letter.
  5. I think this is a Plugin, or i'm wrong? I think is better fully reinstall the clear verion of IPS.. The plugin is from there: http://webflake.sx/files/file/2325-2-step-authentication-acp/ or try to delete the plugin, but i'm not sure yet
  6. Check your BAN list, maybe you have banned your IP or something
  7. Hello, what kind of code muss i insert to the webpage, that after for example 20 minutes of session, comes a popup with the buttons "I'm Back" and text "You're inactive".. Or Simply i need a code with timer, that after 20 minutes, will be showed the pop up.. I want make the pop up with JQuery and add a dark background on the page when pop up is showing. Can someone write a code examples for it? :x Is this possible to make it IPB too? Thanks.
  8. ACP ~> Look & Feel ~> Manage Skins Sets & Templates ~> *** Your Skin *** ~> userinfoPane search for: {$author['_group_formatted']} and Delete: <li class='group_title'> {$author['_group_formatted']} </li>(It can be 2x founded, also delete the second: <li class='group_title'> {$author['_group_formatted']} </li>
  9. I Think so: ACP - > Members - > Custom Profile Field - > Add field and instert: Field Title: Joined Field type: text input profile group: by default Field can be edited by the member: no Topic View Format: <br><span class="ft" style="float:left; color: white; font-weight: bold; font-family: trebuchet ms;">{title}:</span><span class="fc" style="float:right; color: red; font-weight: bold; font-family: trebuchet ms;">{parse date="$author['joined']" format="DATE"}}</span>
  10. Hello, i want to update/upload my profile photo in IPB 3.4.8 and it won't be uploaded to the server. uploads/profile directory permission is 777.. Not only for me, all of members.. Click on "browse", select a new photo, and show's still the old photo in the forum.
  11. Mhmm, my conf_global: <?php $INFO = array ( 'sql_host' => 'localhost', 'sql_database' => '****************', 'sql_user' => '****************', 'sql_pass' => '****************', 'sql_port' => **, 'sql_socket' => '', 'sql_tbl_prefix' => '', 'sql_utf8mb4' => false, 'board_start' => 1435839680, 'installed' => true, 'base_url' => 'https://www.***.com', 'guest_group' => 2, 'member_group' => 3, 'admin_group' => 4, );How to change upload path ? only if CSS or JS files on the skin, ir will be readed https://mydomain.com/https://mydomain.com/uploads...but then profile pictures, it reads correclly https://mydomain.com/uploads folder Thanks for Reply's
  12. ACP, and the Global forum shows no css files. Its only can't read Upload folders because its use https://mydomain.com/forum/https://mydomain.com/forum/upload.. i cant change upload patch or i find not :/