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  1. Hello good night friends, i would like if someone knows or can tell me how to activate these options, I will leave a marked photo here. https://imgur.com/u86CiJ2 I've already been watching but nothing takes me to activate these options, i don't want to update the forum, nor do I want to receive the damn message. the message I can remove but it is in the bell, and then it is in the part where it says system that has a new update. so i wanted to ask for help please sorry for my bad english i use google translator.
  2. hello I don't know if this tutorial exists but as the topic says very simple follow these steps. go src\addons\XFA\RMMarketplace\XF\Template open file ( Templater.php ) and edit line $copyright .= done sorry if i'm creating a repeated topic, if it is repeated delete.
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