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  5. Welcome, I'm also getting very inactive lately, I'll try to post some topic at least once a month!
  6. Welcome, I also registered in the forum without making an introduction, I was inactive and when I came back I made an introduction!
  7. One thing I'd like to see new is the ranks system. Not bad, but I would like to see more news about it. I like to look at my profile and see that I'm already on a certain level, but I wanted it to be more highlighted. I also like more personalization in profile and a metro style in the forum visual! They are just suggestions, I do not expect them to be made, but to open up new ideas from them!
  8. d3f4c3d


    Godaddy is really slow sometimes, their panel is interesting but I decided to leave it, I use it only to host my domains. Today I use Host1plus and so far I have no problems.
  9. Frantic game with big maps and vehicles BF4, frantic and with small maps only for infantry COD, simulator ARMA 3 ... these are of wars that is my favorite style, I do not know which style you like ;p
  10. Both are good, in my case I choose the one that has an appearance that I like more and fits in my project! At the moment I have a game team and I use XenForo because of the "Tactical" style which is very cute and suitable for games
  11. Thanks for the support, helped me with some questions! =)
  12. Thanks for the reception! The support of the moderators encourages us even more! =)
  13. Hi, I'm back I have been a member since 2014 but never attended the forum and was inactive visiting only a few times, I now want to become an active member!
  14. Version 1.0.5


    PixieHype - One page WordPress theme for Gamers/eSport PixieHype offers you the premium gaming feeling for small/big teams and organizations. We give your viewers the chance to be updated with your current upcoming matches, your teams, player roster, products and news updates. VIEW THE DEMO