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  2. I've upped my budget to $75 USD. If you've read this topic but decided against taking the job, please feel free to private message me with any concerns you may have.
  3. This is a difficult question because the answer is different depending on your hosting provider. Would you mind sharing where you host your website?
  4. Negative. You just get $300 USD credited to your account that expires 12 months after signing up. I normally use it to spool up a couple VPS instances with Ubuntu 16.04. There are limits on how many CPU cores and how much RAM you can allocate to one instance, as well as how many static IPs you can reserve per "region", but the limits on CPU and RAM per instance are 8 cores and 56 GB.
  5. I need a custom block that works similar to the built-in Post Feed block. Instead of showing all posts in a specified category, however, I would like to to show the 1st post of each topic in a specified category. Budget: $75 USD Delivery Time: 2 Weeks - It sounds like a relatively simple project, but if it really was, I probably wouldn't be seeking help with it. Payment Arrangements: Half up front/Half upon completion - I may be willing to give more up front, depending on the quoted price. If you have any questions, or are interested in working with me, please reply to this topic. More Information:
  6. He made it kind of tricky, but here's a relatively easy way to do it: Open your AdminCP Go to Themes section Enable "Designers' Mode" Make note of your theme's ID number: On your Web Server/File Manager/Console, navigate to: "PATH/TO/ips_suite/themes/3/resources/core/front/custom/" Open/Edit "ta.libary.js" and search for: ta_c.innerHTML="Theme by Taman",ta_c.setAttribute("href","https://invisionpower.com/profile/537452-taman/") Note: See the text "Theme by Taman" and the URL "https://invisionpower.com/profile/537452-taman/ "? Remove the "Theme by Taman" text and the URL: ta_c.innerHTML="",ta_c.setAttribute("href","") Note: If you have Notepad++ (or similar text editor), you can use the find and replace feature to "find" the unedited line, and "replace" with the edited line above. Save/Upload Disable "Designers' Mode" Go to the Support section in your AdminCP, select "Something isn't working correctly" and click Continue Congratulations, you're done!
  7. Maybe go for a design with a transparent background instead. This should allow for more flexibility in how and where your logo is used. I also agree with @Caleeco's feedback; flatter designs are more popular these days. Could also try some colors that compliment each other a bit better.
  8. https://cloud.google.com/free/ Posting this here for anyone unfamiliar with GCP. They give you $300 of credit to use on their entire platform, good for 12 months. A credit or debit card is required, however you will not be billed for any services unless you upgrade from the trial account. As long as you're not doing anything super illegal, you should have no problem using them. I've hosted IPS communities, game servers, and everything in between with them, and I did it all for free.
  9. I've asked this question before on different forums, and this is the first time I've gotten any helpful replies. Just don't want this to fall between the cracks again. Thank you, I'll give this a try and report back. EDIT: @Cookie Monster I took your suggestion and posted an ad in the Marketplace.
  10. Still looking for a solution. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
  11. Still need help with this. Any suggestions are welcome.
  12. I'm not sure if IPS already has the ability to do this, or if I'd need a plugin, but I basically want a way to put a Block on my home page that works similar to the Post Feed block. Instead of showing every post, however, I just want it to show the 1st post from each new thread in a specific forum section. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd very much appreciate it. Running IPS 4.2, using Pages and Forums.
  13. I'm all set! Thank you very much, that was much simpler than I remember.
  14. I am still seeking an answer to this topic.
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