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  1. ACP/Customization/APPEARANCE/Emails
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Show a legend of your groups in Who's Online and Recently Browsing active users list, sorted in the order you specify and linked to the search system. Handy so that people know what those group prefixes and suffixes mean.
  3. Version 12


    4.3 users must use version 12 or higher. Version 12 is NOT compatible with 4.2.x or lower. 4.2x users please upgrade to version 11 which fixes an XSS vulnerability. Version 8 is the last version to support 4.1.19.x or lower. Click the change log button below and select Version 8 if you need it. This plugin forces user links to display member group color/formatting. This applies in all places where the \IPS\Member object is used to produce links to a member.
  4. Version 4.x


    Elegant: A color picker powered theme for IPS.Suite 4.x!
  5. Version 2.0.3


    Mind theme has been updated to the latest version 4.3.Basic instructions are included in the package.
  6. Version 1.0.5


    This application will allow administrators to read conversations on Admin CP. If admins has a special permission, they will also be able to VIEW hidden conversations, EDIT, HIDE/UNHIDE conversations (from appearing on PM Viewer application) and INVITE/REMOVE MEMBERS from conversations. Conversations can also be tracked by filtering keywords. If a specific keyword added by an admin is used on Conversation, users from selected group will receive a notification with a link to the conversation on PM Viewer application. Admins can also use tools to HIDE or UNHIDE all conversations with one click. Settings: Number of conversations per page Number of log entries per page Enable keyword monitoring Keywords to monitor Notification Groups: Members from selected groups will be notified when someone sends a private message that contaims a monitored keyword. Groups Permissions: Protected groups: If a member from a selected group is involved in a conversation, then this conversation will be not viewable in the PM Viewer application regardless of who else is involved. Can view HIDDEN conversations Can HIDE/UNHIDE conversations Can INVITE/REMOVE members from conversations Can EDIT message content: Users will also be able to view Revisions from posts and delete/restore the original text Tools: Hide All Conversations Unhide All Conversations Logs: Added log in all actions: view a conversation, hide/unhide conversation, add/remove users from conversations and restore or delete a revision from a post Added a Logs module to display Admin Logs from this application.
  7. Version 3.1


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Supports emoticons, emoji, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) *NEW* Supports GUGGY to turn any text message into funny GIF and Sticker by using /guggy command (Eg: /guggy I love you) *NEW* Supports GIPHY to finds GIFs and Stickers by using /giphy command (Eg: /giphy happy new year) *NEW* Supports Youtube, playing video in iframe and popup @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Bad word filters. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. What's New in Version 3.0.0 Compatible with IPS 4.3 Support Emoji
  8. We can use html code for it. ex:
  9. Use "Saved Actions" Community--->Forums--->Saved Action
  10. ACP/Members/Groups and edit the groups setting. add this line into Group Formatting: <span style='color:red;font-weight:bold'> Group Name: </span>
  11. Hello to all. could i request Thanks in advance.
  12. Surface Dark

    Hello, can you please upload a new version for 4.2? Thanks you!