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  1. No hate, just people misinformed and lack knowledge of design concept.
  2. that looks awful. How is this a logo? please do explain. @No.W1 i'll see if I have sometime later on this week to make some changes to the logo. Got other work I need to do first :)
  3. Lets take a lovely lesson into logos. Logo's are something which are suppose to be unique and compliment your company, site or whatever. They are a design piece which you use to identify yourself. Identity in any world is the most important piece of a company, site and such - they reflect your branding decisions, your maturity and most of all your style of site. Using such website like: cooltext reflects that you're a naive and not very mature individual, and if you had any chances of being professional in such a practice of the business world seeing a 'logo' which looks like a three year olds scribble on MS Paint then I wouldn't visit, cooperate or do anything related to your business or site. An identity can be made up of several things: Colours, Iconography, Typography, Word Marks, and many more. However the main center piece which brings it all together is a logo. Having a clear, concise and professional logo allows not just visitors to see how serious you are about your company/site it also allows for cognitive recognition for future encounters. The most powerful identities in the world are those which are Bold, Unique, Professional and concise, for example; Apple - may have changed over the years but that is due to their changing in values and with the design trends which have came about in their history, another Microsoft, same story there. You give anyone the Apple logo or the Windows logo icon they can quite easily tell you which company is connected to, simply because they're good and unique. Another reason not to use cooltext.com is so that you don't present yourself as an idiot. Good luck, with your concept of a 'logo' you may now show yourself out of the door and not come back :) Thank You, Chris - A person with great insight into company branding, colour association, and design trends. @No.W1 Came out with something quick for you :)
  4. Really shouldn't refer to this as a logo. Really lowers the standards of the term. It's shitty text. Not a logo.
  5. Once you upload a series of, or consistently up to stand, releases, you'll be either contacted by Phun/Head Mods concerning the group chat. It wouldn't be upload 'x' amount of files, anyone can do that. It would actually need to be something which you worked hard to provide for the community. For example; Nulled IPB 4.0, not saying this is what you should do :)
  6. Well, to be honest, if I wanted to do that I would've done it. I want someone who is more skilled than me in that area to take care of it. one thing i want to know about you can pay something for logo or you want to free? This section is for free requests. The marketplace is for paid services.
  7. Thank you. Yes very plain and simple, just PB. Thanks :) http://www.dafont.com/ Probably best not to choose a font which requires a person to buy them. A free font would be better for people use.
  8. Okay, so you want the logo to be just PB? Or is there anything else you would want thrown in? Such as an Icon, shapes or anything? P.S. For the love of god never use Logo makers, they will be shit.
  9. If people are still using Photoshop to design logos thats a bit worrying. Illustrator creates far superior logos than Photoshop. Granted if you want an effects heavy logo it wouldn't really go as well in Illustrator but having a Vector based logo is far better in the grand scheme of things than a Rastor logo. Anyway, On topic here; http://webflake.sx/topic/4699-suggested-format-for-logo-requests/ - Use the format.
  10. Chris

    Windows 10

    8.1 is really good actually. The RAM handling is so much better than in 8 and 7. Also Windows 10, except for DX 12, is almost the same speed for gaming applications. My problem with Windows 10 is this: most of this is already in windows 8.1 and google has been recording keystrokes in chrome since it's creation, google chrome records searches and omnibox activity to "better" search results anoymously, chromium does not...same as microsoft is asking in windows 10, at least they ask you, google doesn't, you get to opt out of most of these on windows 10 install, Microsoft Ad ID services have been in windows since windows 2000 pro, and existed in msn messenger, and now in skype. wifi sense is an app and all apps can be disabled, just because it has a ping pong app, doesn't mean i have to install it, or let my facebook friends know i have installed it, like most apps with facebook support do..a level 1 telemetry is data thats not identifiable to you, like windows has done for years, it is crash data, error data, locale, edition, etc, the same most decent software also does, you're pictures make you out to be very paranoid lol Beaker speaks the truth.
  11. Chris

    Windows 10

    Just installed Windows 10 and everything from the image shared by Tasty can be turned off completely.
  12. What are you requiring this free hosting for exactly?
  13. Chris

    Windows 10

    Mac OSX is far superior in my opinion, as both a OS X and Windows user, I feel that Mac OS X is much easier to use and aesthetically more pleasing. Before people say about customisation... you really don't need to customise every single feature under the sun. Security over customisation. Sorry to burst your bubble but the only thing Mac OS has going for it is the optimisation for the hardware that Apple dictates. Mac OS is so far from a secure OS, I would even go as far as saying it is less secure than Windows. You want a secure OS you will either have to create your own or really up your game and use a Linux distro. Ite... From the past 3 years here are some statistics (This is from downloading a hell of a lot of torrents, zips and rars from untrustworthy sources and both professional and casual downloads). Windows Viruses = More than 5, 1 resulting in reinstallation. Mac OS X Viruses = Less than 2, 0 resulting in reinstallation. This is from using both in the same way, laptop for when I am not at home. I know Linux is the more secure OS however I would say Mac OS X is most practical for my area of desire. Not once have I contemplated getting rid of my iMac for a Windows Desktop - it runs exactly how I need it with minimal Viruses. Viruses = Malware, Trojans, Adware, etc.
  14. Chris

    Windows 10

    Mac OSX is far superior in my opinion, as both a OS X and Windows user, I feel that Mac OS X is much easier to use and aesthetically more pleasing. Before people say about customisation... you really don't need to customise every single feature under the sun. Security over customisation.
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