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  1. Windows 10

    Will not be installing windows 10. I did once and it was a mess. I have removed all the updated regarding windows 10.. Only way I'll use windows 10 is on a brand new machine..
  2. Generating a Strong Password

    You want a very secure password here it is: https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm
  3. What Browser do you guys use?

    I like SeaMonkey been using it for many years.. Once in a blue moon I'll use IE
  4. Hosting

    Try this Host: http://ifastnet.com/ I have been with them for many years. You can also pay by the year or monthly.. Support is excellent.
  5. Need server advice

    You might want to check these guys out http://ifastnet.com/ You can pay by the year or monthly.
  6. IPB 4.0 Beta

    IPB 4.0 Beta has been released to License members.. Anyone installed this yet.. I have and not to sure I care for it.. Way different than the 3.4.6 board. Going to take some getting use to it..
  7. More height

    I ot it right now. Thanks for the help. Ron..
  8. More height

    OK I changed the Font to arial.. I see branding, but when I change it seems to change the wrong area.. I want to expand the area where the Logo goes Ron..
  9. More height

    When looking at the image I posted, you'll see the arrow. My question is: I'd like to give this section more height, so the bottom line is not over lapping.. Can someone please guide me to the proper location. Thanks Ron.