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  1. you have a error in the member widget on datastore a double quote missing in your php echo
  2. look the answers louan
  3. is a hosting issue ask to you host why the myslq server don't respond after X secondes probably a a bad parameter in execution script time
  4. https://blog.discordapp.com/add-the-discord-widget-to-your-site-d45ffcd718c6#.ll3x8mxtw
  5. apache say missing file, mysql say missing table so is not a fresh install you have try to re-install your ipb with the old configuration but file or not here
  6. is a know bug on first version ips you need wait the next version of update
  7. Say the correction here plz for user who can search the same thing in future
  8. hum is not possible like this, but i think is possible with a little php code but i have not the konwledge for help for this
  9. perhaps if you send more infos of your need options we can help you lol
  10. all info are here : https://invisionpower.com/4guides/themes-and-customizations/editor-and-emoticons_327/adding-custom-editor-buttons-r134/
  11. check system say what ?
  12. is missing file just read
  13. all file are in "uploads" at root of your install
  14. yeah last version is compatible with php 5.6 but recommand 7.0
  15. is the base of the systeme when you create your donload categorie you choose permission by group of who can donload or not ....