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  1. [4.2.2][wf] WF IPS 4.2.2 asking for key

    we say you many time remove all plugin and theme custom and you continu to update with active theme custom so don't search lol
  2. How to register using login social only

    or just simply configurate the Q&A challenge security with your own question is th ebest anti spam security ever if you configurate real question, exemple : 7 + five - 4 = ? => 8 what the name of community ? => name of your community color of tomato ? => red color of sun ? => yellow so this is many exemple you can make i reommanded 10 question at base and no way spam robot can pass it
  3. Read more.. in articles

    we need a link for the read me code change and for the article in entire you have a parameter in blog setting
  4. Advertising problem

    you have add what on ads ? google addsense ? he need a time for activate your ads i have many ads and is work fine but i have the same messag eof you and is normal all script are disable in admin cp
  5. 2fa error [ips 4.2.2]

    apparently is your security question who are not configured and activate
  6. Advertising problem

    is not a error all have this javascript is disable in admin cp, but in frontview that work fine
  7. how to upgrade 4.1 to 4.2 ?

    the error ? version of php on host ?
  8. Problem to add icon on navigation

    <i> is a balise who need tio be arround the word so when you put this : <i class="fa fa-name of icon"></i> Clubs is bad for seo and bad for code validation, you need have this : <i class="fa fa-name of icon">Clubs</i>
  9. Problem to add icon on navigation

    we need look the code you have change for help i think you have add your code at the wrong place
  10. PopUp Notification

    is show with your browser when you clic on the icon before the url in yoru url bar you can activate or not some option like script, cookie, ect.. and notification enaable or not
  11. How to arrange sub forums into 3 columns?

    Add this to custom css : .ipsDataItem_subList{ overflow: hidden; } html[dir="ltr"] .ipsApp .ipsDataItem_subList, html[dir="rtl"] .ipsApp .ipsDataItem_subList{ background: none; line-height: 220%; padding-left: 0 !important; padding-right: 0 !important; padding-bottom: 4px; } .ipsDataItem_subList li{ float: left; width: calc(100% / 3 - 5px); } html[dir="rtl"].ipsDataItem_subList li{ float: right; } .ipsDataItem_subList li a:after{ display: none; } html[dir="rtl"] .ipsDataItem_subList.ipsList_inline > li{ margin-left: 0; padding-bottom: 4px;}
  12. nope only general setting
  13. Image link fix

    in admin go in plugin and desactivate all, in customize desactivate all custom theme and is good your forum work
  14. CSRF protection key did not match

    is write in the texte just read ^^ theme or plugin out of date
  15. Hide theme selector

    edit all your theme and select the option to show them or not in each