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  1. send url of board with no code to look we can't send the fix code ...
  2. send more detail for you project to interest designer ^^
  3. if you have the billing adress form is because you sell product with physical parameter and like he is say in yoru capture billing is laways ask in this case or is because you use a payment methode who requier the billing information perhaps
  4. hum is not true ovh have 2 cut by year and in 2017 and this year they had 3 cut for big bug with 3 day impact all time ... with 0 answer by support in all offer share hosting and dedicate
  5. launch support tool => choice 2 and when is finish continue one time again for force ips recreate default theme
  6. you have 2 default theme is not normal
  7. IPS 4.3 error

    in your admin support section
  8. i'm in 4.3.1 with this plugin and he work like a charm
  9. Version 1.0.0


    While defining the forum as a redirect, you can choose whether the user will click the redirection URL on the current browser tab (_self) or the new tab (_blank).

  10. with page system if you would a full page or bloc system if you would a widget only widgetbot send you a embed code you just put in a custom page or bloc and that all
  11. .cSubscriptionsTitle { text-align: center !important; } .cNexusPrice { text-align: center !important; } in custom css
  12. error with facebook login desactivate it and reconfigure it
  13. for change subscription text go in translate in your language for align the second text send a link and we look the code and send you the custom css for this
  14. is your navbar who have a black border of 1px you can remove it in css .ipsNavBar_primary { border-top: 0px !important; }