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  1. dmca removal is make by google in google search for black bad or illegal content not in server ... so you can take any server you would the dmca will always be ...
  2. database probleme ips say : he don't find the content of messenger in database : table : core_message_topics
  3. i think he would a new function fr all user who say => add this download selected in this blog
  4. we can't create a logo with no information of the all content page color and design ^^ if your site is dark and we create a light ... you see the problem ? so you have already a website running ? if yes send link or if no send 2 color requiered ^^ And i have look quickly your forum for a 100% logo the width of the image need to be 1200px
  5. don't forget this trick work only for :
  6. perhaps with the good terms httpaccess does not exist is => htaccess and many tutorial exist on google search : protect folder or directory with htaccess
  7. a description of what you need would be appreciated, and your financial means
  8. yeah i have make some change so the domaine was unreachable, but is good now
  9. the https site download a copy of the image http and serve it himself, so the http image is serve in https by your site ^^
  10. depend of your server choose but i work all day with a dedicated server on 1&1 and no problem with the automated install you can go eyes close
  11. send more detail for you project to interest designer ^^
  12. launch support tool => choice 2 and when is finish continue one time again for force ips recreate default theme
  13. you have 2 default theme is not normal
  14. in your admin support section