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  1. determine the balise use for your category and using some flex css with before and after condition https://jsfiddle.net/j0y7uaqL/
  2. either the plugin is outdate and not compatible with last update of ips or you have a bug with this plugin
  3. the real question is why you use this old version ^^ install the last or update
  4. is a bug in the last update, ips have release a patch 2 day after release the 4.6 version, wait the patch version
  5. yes with media query in css but is a choice of user in the browser in base
  6. in your group setting for each group play with the formatting with html code
  7. there is no solution categorie have no description on this theme, only forum and sub forum have it ...
  8. no is only present in premium version of chatbox
  9. base forum have no description in some custom template in frontview enter in this forum and you will see the description
  10. titcrunch

    Mobile View

    i have understand but is not the original version something (nem application or plugin) or someone have edited the original code
  11. titcrunch

    Mobile View

    yes installed the original not a copied version take in a crap site lol
  12. check your group setting, perhaps your staff application change parameter at the install
  13. titcrunch

    Mobile View

    is not a original theme by ips focus, i don't know where you found it !look yoru code : manual code overwrite the original code who are responsive ....
  14. titcrunch

    Mobile View

    update your theme, because you have a thrme who use table system and not flex so is not mobile compatible