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  1. <video controls="" autoplay="" name="media"> <source src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d0/Caminandes-_Llama_Drama_-_Short_Movie.ogv" type="application/ogg"> </video> like this
  2. if you use ips 4X no need he take the time fo your server so edit you timezone in your server
  3. send url of your live board for we see the code and send you the answer for the question 1 For the question 2 is because you copy passed content of a other site ... pass this text in a text editor before for remove the current styling and you can go in = admin => customization => editor => parmaeter for remove the styling automaticly when you copy past content
  4. in your custom.css targeting the root forum ID and add this [data-forumid="9"] .ipsDataItem_subList.ipsList_inline li:nth-child(1):after { content: "ON"; background: green; padding: 3px 6px; } forumid = Root forum of the subforum you wild add on or off (in my exemple i show ON green on my subform id 10 who a child of my forumid 9) NTH-child : the number of the subforum your will target (1 for the first, 2 for the second ect...) content : your content to show after the titte background, padding is just css for style the content text For found id look the url of the forum the id number is just abose the name exemple : http://yourforum.com/forum/8-title : 8 is the ID My forum is : ordinateur with ID 9 and my subforum is "ressources pour ordinateurs" with ID 10, so i target the root forum in css with ID 9 and i say it for the first element add the code after
  5. yeah a block add in one forum appear in all child-forum
  6. don't care the destination where you have install your forum is your domaine parameter who are not good you can instal forum in "/public_html/public/forum/forum/forum/forum ...." and have at end "mydomain.com/topic/4903-how-to-use-features/" just make the domaine choose the good destination
  7. man calm down 13 hours for a support is not long .... we are all benevol here ... font color dont work anymore in html5 you need use css now so 2 solutions : <p style="color:red">text</p> <span class="colorred">text</span> and in custom css add : .colorred { color:red; } and same for green
  8. open the forum 'Nieuws" and clic the arrow at the right center and add a news custom bloc at this place (the custom bloc need to be create before in admin => page => bloc)
  9. EN : the table is in the database but is empty for old message i think the convert have don't work for old message so when a old member open is messenger he have this error ! But no but for new user because the table work correctly FR : la table existe dans la base de donnée, mais elle est vide pour les anciens messages, je pense que le converter à pas marcher correctement et n'a pas rapatrier les anciens messages donc quand un anciens membres veut ouvrir son messenger il a ce message d'erreur, mais aucun probleme pour les nouveau car la table existe bien et fonctionne, du coup pas trop de solution car de souvenir on peut pas relancer le converter pour resyncro un truc
  10. database probleme ips say : he don't find the content of messenger in database : table : core_message_topics
  11. we can't create a logo with no information of the all content page color and design ^^ if your site is dark and we create a light ... you see the problem ? so you have already a website running ? if yes send link or if no send 2 color requiered ^^ And i have look quickly your forum for a 100% logo the width of the image need to be 1200px
  12. don't forget this trick work only for :
  13. a description of what you need would be appreciated, and your financial means
  14. yeah i have make some change so the domaine was unreachable, but is good now