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  1. Search don't work

    that work for me in desktop and mobile in windows 10, you have test with which mobile for have the bug ?
  2. IP.Board - Single Sign On in php

    why reproduce the system ? when ips have already the possibility to use a external database for login or subscribe in base ? look in admin => connexion
  3. Custom Profile Tab Storage

    sorry i don' tunderstand the utility in fact because ban or warning are already show in profil member when the member is ban or warn so why add a new tab for this ?
  4. Best Hosting to Allow Basically Anything?

    by definition if is a decate hosting you are autorize to make what you want lol because he just herger YOUR server ;-)
  5. Automatically change all external links to adf.ly?

    your post is in wrong section man, plz take a little attention where you post if you would a answer ^^ ipb support is not here
  6. Captcha on Login Form Error on POp UP login

    oh ok sorry i don't look you ask for login and not registration for login you have for this some option options for bruteforce where you can configure the number of time of the member can enter wrong acces and the number of minute he need wait for retest is in systeme => parameter => connexion => all at top "connexion parameter" and some paramter for ip check and other in admin => system => security But for bloc the base bruteforce on your forum a cdn is better or yes you need add a capchat in the code for add him in this page or just ban the ip when you are under attack
  7. installation apps

    you have extract the tar i think no ?
  8. Captcha on Login Form Error on POp UP login

    you can configure question in your admin ips is a base security at the same place where you have add capchat in admin => member => Spam Prevention : is the tab number 4 : Challenges question answer
  9. Non-USA VPS

    you have scaleway use by online compagny in FR with hosting in paris and amsterdam https://www.scaleway.com/ or vps.net in 22 locations https://www.vps.net/
  10. Can't reach profiles

    desactivate all plugin and all theme and look if this work, and if yes you have aplugin or theme outdate
  11. Doubt background

    can you look where you post man plz 2 times you post your support in tutorial section....
  12. HELP - How to increase avatar

    Ips 4 have for avatar a square upload and resize process only ! you can't use rectangle size Round or square image can be activate or not directly in theme paramater no need add code for this just check or not the choice lol 100% don't restricked yes but she add the possibility to the image to take all space in the postbit. And for finish he can grown up maximum size for more definition yes ! but that change nothing if he make a rectangle dimention in css for adjust his avatar with a square process at base for all, all avatar of all member are screw ... and only his avatar is good ....
  13. HELP - How to increase avatar

    because ips 4 use square process with 90x90 in base for show your avatar at all place with the good size and the ratio so you can grown up you size like ketchup say ! you but that don't change the size at start and is bad choice because all user who send square avatar in the futur have a deform avatar with your change So you can't have a rectangle avatar in base in ips 4 ... you need retouch you image for this, make custom avatar with blanc section at right and left but always square exemple in 300x300 with your 150x300 in the middle Remove the code of ketchup is very bad modificaion and if you would a larger avatar use this : .ipsUserPhoto_large img, img.ipsUserPhoto_large, .ipsUserPhoto_large:after { width: 100% !important; height: 100% !important; } that will use all the space ofr show the avatar

    is not a issue at all is just your theme who don't use the correct code for username i think and the plugin so don't work if the base code is not here
  15. Captcha on Login Form Error on POp UP login

    personnaly i don't use google recapcha is useless robot can bypass him, i prefer use only question challenge with my own 4 or 5 custom question like : 17 - for + 8 =?