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  1. just read : requested resource /admin/ could not be found on this server. you have missed file in admin so upload again all you file and overwrite
  2. launch cleanup, cleanupfile and clearcache for empty the cache and launch the rebuild of all data but i think that don't correct your problem your problem come of old file or template qui don't use the new code and count blog, clubs, ecttt the nw code count only post in forum so for verifiy this activate defaut theme and look if you have the same error of count if yes you have old file who need update if no is your theme who are out of date
  3. ??? ips have task for this lol you can launch manualy this task in admin => search task and take the system task all task are here and you have one for for recount and rebuild is not wicked but sometime i don't understand the support team of this forum who answer completly next to the subject ...
  4. ok so perhaps the converter bug with new version
  5. ok and the folder is in 755 right for write and read ?
  6. xenforo have avatar folder at root not in subfolder of data and like ips i think he have a upload folder for all content
  7. because api is update by lot and not all are impact for the moment
  8. don't forget the social meta too
  9. version of ips ? rewrite is activate ? and link of your post we can look the code ?
  10. yeah you need edit your content et delete link and add this again - you can also add the view code butoon in editor only for admin and modified the code when you would during the edit normaly whne you need a dofollow link you need add the domaine and after create the content
  11. you need go in admin => system => publication and configure you link if you have block them or add auto nofollow you nedd add the domaine in list for stop that
  12. admin => support tools choice 2 launch it and version og php on your host ?