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  1. Dear members of WebFlake, As you might have noticed files are no longer approved, nothing is done on WebFlake anymore from a staff side. This is because we are refusing to keep the site clean/alive for an administrator team that does not care anymore. Phun has been inactive for months, and refuses to do anything. Donations are not used to improve WebFlake, so don't donate. Keep your money until they decide to stay true to their word. Phun has made many promises to deliver, but never does so. Phun has made a thread asking the staff team for suggestions on what has to change, never delivered on any of the suggestions made. Phun does not care anymore. He ghosts browses the website, he's never on Discord anymore. And that's why we quit supporting him. So what's going to happen now to you? Simple. No longer will files be approved No longer will spam be removed No longer will reports be handled No longer will any staff member do anything in benefit of WebFlake until they decide to start acting like an administrator, rather than retired staff. We are tired of fighting for a site that does not improve, progress or shows any sign of recovering. Phun is making it rot away, and doesn't care. So why should we, as a staff? We're sorry if this pisses you off, we hope you understand it from our perspective. Erza If you have problems with this decision, feel free to PM me, or join the Discord by clicking here.
  2. Group Collaboration Upgrade

    Sadly, approvals have stopped until Phun decides to show its face and do shit with his website. Us staff members have had enough of an inactive administrator team and we no longer approve files or do anything until they decide to come back.
  3. Hello Gang, Gabby Here!

    Welcome to WebFlake. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. Been a couple years - Hallas!

    Hi there, welcome back.
  5. Help with forum Nulled

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  6. Ajuda aqui com forum Nulled

    We speak English on the forum. Please use Google Translator if English is not your native language and you are unable to speak it.
  7. ips4 blocks not showing properly

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  8. Issue with admincp/member

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  9. Hello

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  10. IPB Form

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  11. Doubt background

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  12. What's bumpin in your headphones?

    Ayyy. O, shit I have to rate. Uhm. 4/10, not my preference.
  13. hello i am lechti64

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  14. Russian Roulette

    That's because I've decided to wait until the member sees they were the winner. Just so they know why they got banned.
  15. As your question has been answered, I'll safely lock this up so it doesn't get stolen.