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  1. Yeah it's obsolete now, but while it worked it was great. Thanks for posting this : D
  2. So the best possible rating you can try and push yourself to would be achieved through these steps (related articles, SEO editing, etc) AND having the site mobile-friendly, correct?
  3. Is nulled ipb content safe?

    So from what African Oreo said, it's okay to use any non-official IPB plugins/applications that are nulled, but trying to say, null the official IPB shoutbox, will get your license revoked?
  4. Wich one do you like best

    The flare may look better in some cases, but the word of the day is simplify. Simpler things can look cleaner on more websites than if you added various effects.
  5. Hello =)

    Welcome to the forums bud, hope you enjoy your stay :)
  6. Driving test US VS UK

    I've only ever lived in one state, but I have heard that the test differs from state to state, so comparing the USA as a whole to the UK may not be possible. And I can definitely say the one I took was fairly easy. Written was 20 questions then matching signs, road is a 5 minute drive around the neighborhood.
  7. Best Forum IPB Or Vbulletin ?

    I've been using IPB for atleast a year now, and have used vbulletin in the past. I can wholeheartedly say IPB is my favorite of the two, but only for decently-sized communities. Not monsters.
  8. Driving test US VS UK

    I think both the US and UK are relatively similar, in the US you have to take a written for a permit (which I assume is like theory), then practical for the actual license (where you actually drive and such).
  9. What Browser do you guys use?

    Chrome probably has to be one of the cleanest ones I've used, and it has plenty of modifications to suit my needs. The only downsize (as it is with all browsers) is the monstrous RAM usage for my 8GB total.
  10. hey there

    It's good to meet you all, I look forward to participating here!