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  1. The way IPS loads it's classes is by prefixing their original classes with a unique character (an underscore), then loading all the plugins/hooks and patching them over the original class, then patching an empty class with the proper name at the end. For example, IPS\_Output would be extended by IPS\hook123 which would then be extended to IPS\Output (which would be blank), so that all the hooks (in the order they are installed I believe), are loaded before creating the right name for the output. By the looks of this error message, one of your hooks/plugins got deleted or uninstalled improperly, and now it can't find it while it's trying to patch it. I've never experienced this issue before, but your best bet would be to check that all the plugins you have installed are installed correctly, and if you deleted any plugins, make sure they are actually out of your script so that IPS has no way of knowing that it ever existed in the first place. Look inside your /plugins/hooks.php file and look for the numeric ID 489 and see what it's looking for and what it's trying to override. Either delete that section of code in the file carefully to not mess up the rest of the file and then try again.
  2. Yes and no. One of the things IPS did between major builds (4.1->4.2->4.3) is changed some of the function names internally that the theme templates use. That would be the biggest issue trying to use a 4.1 theme on a 4.3 site. If you know what you're doing, you can go through and manually update all the templates to the latest function names and all that. If you don't... well, you can try and find an upgraded version of the skin by the author. The other thing to remember is IPS does more than just change function names between major builds, sadly I'm not too familiar with every change IPS makes so just changing function/variables names to match the latest ones may not make your theme act as it should but would get rid of any template error blocks on your website. I recommend looking for the latest version of the theme by author if you can find it, or looking into the IPS documentation/development guides for how to upgrade your themes to newer versions of IPS. They would probably outline most of the changes you would need and if IPS is still as friendly about their documentation as they used to be, they should be open to the public and you don't need to have an IPS license to view them.
  3. I see this was posted 3 weeks ago, but you were active a few days ago. So if by some chance this is still an issue you are dealing with you can perhaps get some help. If not, carry on. This page you are seeing is displayed in IPS when the template it attempts to load/compile contains PHP errors within it and cannot be properly compiled. Double check that every PHP tag {{if}} {{else}} {{endif}} {{for}} and every other one has a proper opening and closing tag. If you're pulling your hair out over this, check your error log by IPS located in the /uploads/monthly_YEAR_MONTH/ for a bigger break down on what's happening. It should even tell you the exact code issue within the template if it's function related. If the error is something along the lines of "Unexpected end of file", the the issue is you're missing a closing PHP tag like listed above. If the error is something along the lines of "Method does not exist" or "Unknown Function", it means that one or more of the functions called inside the template Example: $content->reputation() became $content->reactionCount() during one of the major builds of IPS, things like this will throw issues if you're not using the correct version of the theme due to inconsistent method names in IPS. (Side note: Thanks a lot IPS for randomly renaming functions and not keeping the legacy names in for compatibility.) If you still can't figure out what's causing it, reply with the error log file (remove any sensitive information inside, if any) and I or someone else can try and help you further.
  4. Decon

    Help :D

    My personal go to favorite is definitely Invision Power Suite, usually pretty stable, easy to use, highly customizable, and very optimized. The downside being that because it is so great, a lot of forums use it. MyBB is a great free alternative, however, I find that it isn't as easy, and most customization pieces seem to be universal and most themes look very similar or overused. I have no interest in vBulletin, it seems to be the least popular of the forum softwares I have found. XenForo is pretty good, but I think they push updates extremely slow.
  5. I've only ever used IOS devices, but I've heard Android is the way to go for customization. I really like IOS interface and security though.
  6. If you change your display name or profile picture, IPS should update it throughout your website to show the changes. You shouldn't need any additional special code?
  7. My first guess is that you actually are gonna wanna looking into finding the color in Javascript, not PHP.
  8. I used to be a huge fan of Firefox, I liked the interface and all the developer features. But then I switched to Google Chrome and I've been using for a while now. I like the interface of Safari, but I don't like it's lack of developer features and they don't support it on Windows anymore.
  9. Good to here that it is working. Glad someone can actually verify that it works on the latest release.
  10. Sadly, I cannot seem to get my hands on any beta release after the second, so I can't see what they changed or see why it doesn't. In the code, just up the expiration date to as high as you want. Any information on what doesn't work? Does it say the license is expired or what is the problem? If I could get my hands on a newer copy of IPS I would try to update the code. Also, the code in the thread has been updated and revised.
  11. This error is because you are not using a IPS 4.0, but rather IP.Board 3.x. This tutorial is for 4.0, sorry! Were you using 4.0 or an older version?
  12. Mind posting the error here so I can look at it? I'll work on updating this code in the meanwhile.
  13. I've been using Font Awesome for a while and I'm very pleased. I'm not a huge fan of all these other fonts rising up, but I can't wait for Black Tie.
  14. Seeing some of the other results make me feel like my website didn't do too bad. xD I'm not very well educated at load timing, but I don't think I did too bad: