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  1. It's all good! I managed to do it myself. Thanks though.
  2. I'm trying to create a similar way for navigating kinda like the way IPS has it. Anyone willing to help me tackle this?
  3. I had to look them up to see for myself.... gosh those designs.
  4. He's basically saying, you want only one person to have "Apple". In order to prevent anybody else from putting in "Apple" there needs to be a code inside IPB that checks the SQL database so that person B can't have the same as person A and so forth. I doubt this can be done WITHOUT making a check against the SQL database table where profiles are stored so that we can prevent other people from having the same as person A.
  5. Once approved then you can download it, have fun :)


    1. Xing


      What exactly is it o_O @Archon

    2. Archon


      Pages SuperGrid (latest version)

  6. Hahah yes I did using blocks.
  7. Quick question @Sanctuary would this work as a sidebar?
    It is pretty clean. However, no PSD file for the background?
  8. Xing

    EAVERIN v2

    Looks good... but still some of the stuff is still in Russian and not all in English. The part where it counts the Posts / Topics.
  9. I was wondering if anyone could make a RSS feed carousel, either that could be created through PHP/JQuery, that is similar to the way IP. Downloads has the "What's New" carousel. For instance, Is it possible to do so?
  10. i mean just the same, i have those files,...of this toplist. Even with the forums integrated?
  11. I mean so I can host my own lol
  12. Does anyone by chance know any good topsite / toplist PHP sites? Example of a topsite/toplist is something like this: https://www.minestatus.net Majority of the stuff out there now is outdated... and broken =/
  13. I was wondering if anyone has or knows a tutorial on how to setup a GIT push to shared webserver? So, I have a private git repo but I would like my master to be pushed automatically to my webserver. Yes I do have SSH access. I just don't know how to write the script or what to do to make it happen.
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