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  1. I believe I have done so through SQL.
  2. I had to look them up to see for myself.... gosh those designs.
  3. Has anyone been able to change the default sorting? Like for searching topics, it defaults to Relevance rather than Date. How can you change that inside the files?
  4. For some reason my post feed isn't truncating. There are no errors in my console, I went to the support tab and cleared all bad cached items, etc. but the truncating is not working... for some odd reason. Has anyone come across something like this?
  5. @Cookie Monster Nothing {{if $formValue == 'application' }} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style5 ipsPos_right'>Application</span> {{elseif $formValue == 'development' }} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style4 ipsPos_right'>Developing</span> {{elseif $formValue == 'setup' }} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style6 ipsPos_right'>Setups</span> {{elseif $value == 'application' && 'developing' && 'setup' }} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style5 ipsPos_right'>Application</span> <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style4 ipsPos_right'>Developing</span> <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style6 ipsPos_right'>Setups</span> {{endif}}
  6. @Cookie Monster So my code is: {{if $formValue == 'application' }} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style5 ipsPos_right'>Applications</span> {{elseif $formValue == 'development' }} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style4 ipsPos_right'>Development</span> {{elseif $formValue == 'Setup' }} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style6 ipsPos_right'>Setup</span> {{else}} None {{endif}} So what happens is, if someone choose just one single trait (i.e. Applications), it'll show. However, if you choose Applications and Development, "NONE" will appear instead.
  7. I tried playing around with it more... but I seem to keep on getting the record + 2 comments/reviews per record... I have no idea how to limit the feed to 1 record and its recent review/comment.
  8. Discord BOT Not Working For some strange reason, have I hooked up the bot and everything seems fine.. the bot is in the discord channel.. however, when I posted a test random topic, the bot doesn't post anything in the discord channel and then after like a minute or 2, it goes offline and I have to click the button "Handshake" in the application page again... does anyone know what's up? When I go to my forums, and choose the forum to enable discord share... I keep getting an error t.t --> IPS\Db\Exception: Unknown column 'discord_post_topics' in 'field list' (1054)
  9. Check if member owns a Record in a DB I was wondering, is it possible to do a check to see if a person created a record in a database? For example, the script will check if member X created / posted a record inside database Y ?
  10. Oh my LOL. Thanks @Cookie Monster !!! A dur Hm didn't work. Edit: Well I've fixed the error... however, the elseif statements aren't work... If one field is selected, it appears. However, if you select 2 fields, it doesn't show at all... Code: {{if $formValue == 'servers' }} <span class="ipsBadge_servers">Servers</span> {{elseif $formValue == 'application' }} <span class="ipsBadge_application">Application</span> {{elseif if $formValue == 'coding' }} <span class="ipsBadge_coding">Coding</span> {{else}} None {{endif}}
  11. Bump - anyone know how to do the above?
  12. Thanks though @Jrock! Maybe you might know how to help with selecting the types of services? Like, making it functional? Basically I have done this: Create Field Select the field as a Select Box Put in your Content you want to be selected servers / Servers application / Application coding / Coding Select 'Display Options' "Show in Listing Template" - Yes Then I put in my custom code: {{if $formValue == 'servers' }} <span class="ipsBadge_servers">Servers</span> {{endif}} {{if $formValue == 'application' }} <span class="ipsBadge_application">Application</span> {{endif}} {{if $formValue == 'coding' }} <span class="ipsBadge_coding">Coding</span> {{endif}} However, if you select only 1 service... the badge will appear. But, if you select 2 the badges don't appear. I understand cause the statement is indicating " == " but how do I code it so that if 2 are selected... the services will still appear :S
  13. Yeah this is what I am looking for: Basically I have the template ready and done... but I'm trying to figure out how to output the select fields + the filter system at the top.
  14. does anyone know how to recreate the third-party services page like ips?
  15. He's basically saying, you want only one person to have "Apple". In order to prevent anybody else from putting in "Apple" there needs to be a code inside IPB that checks the SQL database so that person B can't have the same as person A and so forth. I doubt this can be done WITHOUT making a check against the SQL database table where profiles are stored so that we can prevent other people from having the same as person A.