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  1. I am thinking about using IPS as a project management system and a means of organizing a group of spaced individuals that need to be aimed towards common goals, events, etc. Has anyone else done this with their forums? Turned them into a project management system? I am also observing SmartSheets and other options as well. But does my approach sound realistically doable, even with learning curbs?
  2. Hey everyone, I've been with you guys for a very long time, and though many won't remember or know who I am, I remember all of you. I am currently involved with a CBD company. I would like to invite anyone interested in full spectrum hemp CBD from the WebFlake forum to enjoy a 10% discount code with us. Heartland CBD . When you checkout, use discount code "WEBFLAKESX" to get your exclusive discount code. Hope this helps someone!
  3. Hey guys, so I am ultra busy, but I have returned. I will try to set some time out of my busy schedule to come forward in here and provide some form of help or value to the community. Congratulations on your long lifespan. I remember before the days of webflake. We were something else entirely, and to be honest, the name escapes me now, but those were good times. But I am still super glad you guys are around and available. Much love guys. Keep it up
  4. I was all like "WHAAAAT" But then I got it You can't be all up in this piece without saying hello and thank you and providing some kind of value back to the community. Glad to be back. Glad WebFlake is still here. Honestly my set path has led me away from forums, and now they are back and needed in different areas for better cooler things.
  5. Hello, I have read some posts here to boost activity and a lot of it is really helpful, but when do you know that you have too much? I have had my message board for a decent amount of time and it is geared towards spreading educational materials. I have one professor who uses it to distribute information to his class. What I would like to know is how would you let a forum that has so many areas and topics of discussion naturally let itself get built without making it look like it is baron, or "over-dressed" for no content? Because of it's area of discussion, my input is rather limited to but one subject, that being technology. How can you get other people to help you drive your forum further and get it recognized? Is using keywords like "priemere academic community" too much for a growing forum? What would you do?
  6. When using 7zip on this, I get the same error. Because it is a zip file, use Explorer to extract it. Right Click > Open With > Explorer.   Hope this helps @blablapif   :)
  7. I will always have love for my fellow WebFlakers. The most respectable forum I know in message board dealings. I share what I can here .
  8. Hi everyone, I am a returning member, though it seems I lost my account. This is my new one If you recognize me or the site called TechWay, hell yeah, word up, missed you guys.. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Cat (designated nickname), I am a male, I am 22 years old, I do graphic and web design, some web development, and website administration. I have a growing experience field, I am currently studying to be certified as an SEO Expert. I have advanced knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, I also have a fair understanding of PHP and how it works, and can modify code to some extent. So yeah, that's me and I am me, so there you go. Me. Hai.