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  1. Hello, How to change forum statics, to look like the version 3. Images; Version 4 Version 3 Thank you very much!!
  2. Version 3.1.9


    Do you feel limited by the tag system or prefixes? This application enhances IPS 4's built-in tag and prefix system. It adds custom styling and fine-grained control over prefixes, plus new settings, enhancements, and helpful moderation tools. Prefixes are explicitly created through the Admin CP, and can be chosen from a separate prefix dropdown when creating a topic or other prefix-enabled content. Some of its features: Define all prefixes manually through the Prefix Manager--even for open-tag systems. Show common tags and prefixes across your site with the Tag Cloud Widget. Add, fix, merge, and remove tags and prefixes in bulk through the Tag Manager. Choose a prefix when posting any prefix-enabled content, separate from tags. Control where and how tags and prefixes are displayed. Add custom HTML formatting to your prefixes, allowing colors, images, and much more. Limit prefixes by member group and location. Require a prefix in certain forums*. Add tags and prefixes to topics in bulk with Saved Actions or the Mass-Add tool. Apply a prefix to topics imported from RSS. Set a default prefix and tags for all new topics in a forum*. Override the global tag settings by forum*. This lets you enter custom tags in some forums and not others, or change how many tags are required, or have a prefix option without any tags at all. Display topic prefixes in the page title, last post info, and as filters under each forum's description, if you want. * These added settings should work for all tag-enabled content types. The focus of this application is Forums and topics, but it also supports Calendar events and any other tag-enabled content. That being said, I cannot guarantee compatibility with or support all possible applications and circumstances.

  3. Version


    Here you find the Romanian language for IPS Community Suite 4 (Aici găsești traducerea în Limba Română pentru IPS Community Suite 4) Info's: Translation created at Translation status: COMPLETE (Over 12000 phrases translated) Content: System Forums Calendar Chat Commerce Downloads Pages Terms of Usage: Please do report any issues found to be fixed asap Please do not redistribute or re-post this pack elsewhere FAQ: Q: How can I install the language? A: You can use either instruction from the download or link below. A: IPS4 Language Pack Install Instruction Q: How to upgrade the language? A: You can use either instruction from the download or link below. A: IPS4 Language Pack Update Instruction Q: Having trouble installing the language? A: Sent me a PM with your site link with admin access with password and I will install the language for you (FREE). Demos: Translator: Teascu Dorin - Founder of

  4. Version


    This is the Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack for IPS Community Suite 4.1.X and all official Apps. It contain translations for the Admin CP and Front End for the following Apps: System Blogs Calendar Commerce Downloads Forums Gallery Pages Chat

  5. Version


    Forum Calendar Download Gallery Chat Portail Member Map Version améliorée le 28/03/2016

  6. Hello, I have try recache and rebuild and reinstall and install again but my problem not solved. I have the correct version [EN34] Ajax Thanks 1.0.8 (TB) Hide Content v3.0.7 Problem Solved Thank you very much!
  7. ACP-System Settings-Members-Reputation System Find Reputation type change to Both Positive And negative
  8. Hello, I Use the skin chestnut. But i have a problem, do not work the hidden content Must I refresh the page to display the hidden content. I press the button Thank but does not display the hidden content How to solved the problem? In all the other skin's working perfect Forum Link Thank you very much
  9. Welcome to webflake. i am from greece..
  10. Hello ACP-System Settings-Advanced-IPS Copyright Select the option yes Image