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  1. Really appreciate the easy, step-by-step approach to this tutorial. Thanks.
  2. Great work! Congrats to all who made it possible!
  3. I have the same problem but I have made a post but still I get the message that my account is inactive. I think the belt is drawn too tight..
  4. I agree that a month is even too quick.
  5. That Your account has been marked as Inactive, to become active again you must at least make 1 post is a real pain in the neck.l I mean 30 days just seem to go so quickly!
  6. Point taken but I think people will spam either way, if that's their real calling..
  7. Just one observation regarding inactive members. Ninety days seem an awfully long time to remain inactive. Maybe it should be 30 days and should be reviewed every 60 days thereafter. So if you're inactive in any subsequent 60 day period your account will become inactve. Then deleted after 90 days. What do you think?
  8. Thanks Phun. I look forward to participating, learning and bringing some of my knowledge to share with others.
  9. Hell Y'all! I'm in London and new but. Good to meet you!