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  1. IPS 4.2 Best way to host IPS

    I am hosting an IPS site for the downloads addon but the hoster I am with will not let me have more than 10gig of .zip files. i need like 200gig space as there are 300+ zip files ranging from 100mb-1gig. I am wanting to use the download addon as it limits ppl speeds. What would be the best way to go about hosting this site?
  2. 4.2.6/7 There was a problem ERROR

    Ok i have it sorted dont know what it was but the hoster sorted it. Thanks for all the help.
  3. 4.2.6/7 There was a problem ERROR

    LOL i think its time to move it to a vps. So i have all the upload sizes set to 256mb but stall anything over 20mb will not upload lol here is the PHP setting for the site.
  4. 4.2.6/7 There was a problem ERROR

    sweet thanks for that will hit the hoster up to change that
  5. 4.2.6/7 There was a problem ERROR

    I have hit up the hoster and they said everything is set for 128M I have looked at all the settings in ISP and have everything set to unlimited. if someone is willing I can give login for ISP to take a look I may be missing sumthing
  6. 4.2.6/7 There was a problem ERROR

    So i can upload my own php.ini file. the hosting is with namecheap is that helps. does anyone have a php.ini file i can try?
  7. 4.2.6/7 There was a problem ERROR

    that is the thing there is no errors in any logs. all i can think is it is sumthing to do with my hoster ac its running on cpanel.
  8. 4.2.6/7 There was a problem ERROR

    PHP Version7.0.27. no i did not make the file it was done in cpanel.
  9. 4.2.6/7 There was a problem ERROR

    set to 128M it uploads then just stops. small files work sweet.
  10. 4.2.6/7 There was a problem ERROR

    its set to Unlimited. or am in in the wrong place?
  11. I cant get my head around this one. There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 Only happens when i upload files bigger than 20mb.
  12. Hi

    So i have been a member for 3 years and havnt posted anything my bad I spend all my time with goats i like goats
  13. Goats

    I go swim in them often :P There is nothing like a goat on a cold morning. Plus thy mow your lawns
  14. Goats

    I like goats you can swim in them, Goats are my life.