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  1. On the hill eating grass life is pimp
  2. IPB has rely step up its game over the last cup of years but i find xenforo nicer to use for sumthings
  3. Ok i have it sorted dont know what it was but the hoster sorted it. Thanks for all the help.
  4. LOL i think its time to move it to a vps. So i have all the upload sizes set to 256mb but stall anything over 20mb will not upload lol here is the PHP setting for the site.
  5. sweet thanks for that will hit the hoster up to change that
  6. I have hit up the hoster and they said everything is set for 128M I have looked at all the settings in ISP and have everything set to unlimited. if someone is willing I can give login for ISP to take a look I may be missing sumthing
  7. So i can upload my own php.ini file. the hosting is with namecheap is that helps. does anyone have a php.ini file i can try?
  8. that is the thing there is no errors in any logs. all i can think is it is sumthing to do with my hoster ac its running on cpanel.
  9. PHP Version7.0.27. no i did not make the file it was done in cpanel.
  10. set to 128M it uploads then just stops. small files work sweet.
  11. its set to Unlimited. or am in in the wrong place?
  12. I cant get my head around this one. There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 Only happens when i upload files bigger than 20mb.
  13. goatboy


    So i have been a member for 3 years and havnt posted anything my bad I spend all my time with goats i like goats
  14. I go swim in them often :P There is nothing like a goat on a cold morning. Plus thy mow your lawns