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  1. I would have done things like review downloads, but the Leave a Review button hasn't been visible for me in the past. Not sure if it required so many posts first to make reviews or not.
  2. So this inactivity thing is having me make another post to reactivate my account. So I guess we are forced to make useless posts to keep things in good standings, so here's #1. Sorry but find it pointless to have posts like this being made to waste peoples time reading something that provides no help to the community, but you guys set the rules. We only follow them.
  3. Being hanging around for years but just an occasional visitor. Come by to see what new things you have to offer at times. Enjoy all the contributions.
    Broken - Can't view posts as it kicks back an error.
  4. Upgrade box I believe can be turned off in the ACP. Well I guess you can't. It's the email notification you can stop.
  5. They are causing lag on WebFlake. Check our feature plan to see our plans for WebFlake! :) Could it just be theme based? Our site the signatures pop right up fine. Page loads in 2-3 secs.
  6. What's wrong with the signatures? Working on our site.
  7. Did you upgrade to 4.1.5 first and then upgrade to I did it in two steps, and 4.1.5 disabled and locked all the applications. Doing the upgrade, everything went fine, and it also upgraded the applications and reactivated them.