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  1. Malwarebytes will block known shady ip and disallow connection so it will help block outgoing connections if you get hacked. Eset is usually the Fastest to pick up on newer malware. AV like AVG or off brand are a gimmick and most malware skates past them with ease so save your money.
  2. bigdank

    xf 2

    Yep seems like a waste now we have to wait for new plugins to get published for this new version. Vbulletin did the same thing recently with vb5
  3. Android is easier to hack while IOS is not
  4. CentOS is also good if your needing to run a small box 128mb-512mb. Centminmod is quite good for setting up a clean system with a ton of options.
  5. Any AV can be beaten or bypassed so active monitoring and some common sense goes a long way. Malwarebytes will block most know bad actor IP space but it can also have false positives. Backups are a must in the days of Crypto Lockers
  6. Lets hope the weapons have been improved from their last installment, some cool features like towing objects and fortification. The demo graphics need to be sorted way to busy on screen.
  7. bigdank

    Voxility ?

    They also offer DDoS protection similar to OVH.
  8. Older scripts seem to have bugs and security issues so i see no reason why the upgrade should be an issue. Either way keep up the fine work lads
  9. Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows what the most secure version of IPB or Xenforo is currently. I currently have IPB 3.4.6 installed would i need any patches and is xenforo more secure?
  10. @Godric - Simple yet effective @cata - thanks ill check it out
  11. What methods do you use to secure your forum from attackers and spammers? I recently had to turn off registration because spammers flooded my forum really annoying. Any suggestions?
  12. I use MysqlDumper it works well, although if your on a vps its much easier to use cmdline