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  1. both have two different os and i bet both different prices two.
  2. both are good my view one more about the future then other one.
  3. free domains don't really cut it as take longer any search engine to visit, and like many others domain's company's do run offers making cheaper to now buy.
  4. Nope as normal would not have issue with this platform as any big issues get fixed fast with patches.
  5. for a pc/laptop windows and for a server linux any day of the week.
  6. I have two cats and one rabbit.
  7. going to bookmark that one always find it hard come up domain names as good ones normal taken so thank you.
  8. once 4.0.x is out custom theme will be must as current one not that great little basic.
  9. i like new design and new style but might wait bit before jump from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 but hope get iOS 8 soon when apple allow update
  10. JohnT

    Iphone 4s vs 5

    iPhone 5S is better then iPhone4s and iPhone 5