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  1. how to upload files via cpanel so i can add files from existing attachment if you get it what i mean . 1. option to upload 2. option to add existing attachment that is the last one what i seeking if there is possible then tell me which folder exactly i most to upload..
  2. i found the fix! if anyone else suffering same thing just add to custom.css that line . .ipsDataItem_subList { display:none; }
  3. i want just that arrow would not display there . thats driving me nuts especially when i have lots forums there .. okay . my problem is that sub forum is displayed at index page that is my issue lol
  4. hello i would like to know is there any way to remove that thing there .. i dont like that sub forum display there.. once i get too many of it .. its driving me nuts...
  5. no need anymore i figured out krystal hosting is just a crap thats it. thanks tho
  6. rants


    hello folks!!
  7. i thinking about your domain is hacked that was happend to me. sorry my bad english but maybe your domain have some kind of virus that might be problem too. but i dont know for sure.
  8. http://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx from here..
  9. email validation wont work because your domain is blacklisted is my thought i might wrong but i had once that domain . btw if you afraid because of spamers i got solution for you use solvemedia captcha system then you will be free of spam
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