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  1. How can I get "total members online" to show where I want? how to retrieve the data (just the number of current online users)?
  2. I want this too!
  3. Will you upload Group Collaboration - FULL 1.3.8? 

  4. @DavidPolak That shows the field in registration and they get to choose which level they want. I want all members to have level 1 from the dropdown menu. Any other solutions?
  5. Hey Folks! How do I give all new members a specific custom profile field that is not editable by them? Thank you
  6. This how a right click should show: How it shows in my forum even though i have table tools on:
  7. Yes but table tools don't work for me for some reason. The right click doesn't show table tools.
  8. Hello folks, Any idea how do I make tables manually available in posts? (ckeditor table sucks) Example: <table> <tr><td>#</td><td>Name</td><td>Country</td></tr> <tr><td>1</td><td>Kevin</td><td>UK</td></tr> </table> thank you!
  9. Fixed. I had a backup. Thank you all.
  10. I did that and this is what i got when i tried seeing if it worked > - forum index But the name is fixed now > What do I do now?
  11. I am a customer at ipfocus, let me know if you need help from there.
  12. How to upgrade again since it says its upgraded? I will re-upload but how to upgrade again?
  13. After I upgraded to 4.1.9 (nulled full version in webflake), the forums aren't working. Whats the best action I should do?
  14. Hi, Can someone upload this > Thank you,
  15. Not available here?