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  1. Change theme when language is changed?

    I got it done by adding some codes to the languages php files. Thanks, this is solved.
  2. Hello Webflake, I would like to tie a theme to a specific language. When a member chooses a language from the dropdown languages list, they get directed to that specific language and a theme I specify. Is this possible? Thanks!
  3. Will you upload Group Collaboration - FULL 1.3.8? 

  4. Forum down after 4.1.9 upgrade

    Fixed. I had a backup. Thank you all.
  5. Custom application for IPB 4

    Hello, I need a developer to build an application for me, who's interested? Thank you
  6. Forum down after 4.1.9 upgrade

    I did that and this is what i got when i tried seeing if it worked >http://prntscr.com/ao3xwx - forum index But the name is fixed now > http://prntscr.com/ao3ygt What do I do now?
  7. Forum down after 4.1.9 upgrade

    How to upgrade again since it says its upgraded? I will re-upload but how to upgrade again?
  8. After I upgraded to 4.1.9 (nulled full version in webflake), the forums aren't working. http://prntscr.com/anyeod Whats the best action I should do?
  9. quick question on whos online

    thanks webflake, it worked!
  10. quick question on whos online

    Couldn't find it :(
  11. http://prntscr.com/7wta5p How can i delete the commas between names on who on line list?
  12. Need server advice

    @Stake™ I honestly love namecheap's support and Yes you're right.
  13. Need server advice

    No I am licensed.
  14. Need server advice

    I am now on VPS1 Xen by namecheap and i always suffer from Memory Usage issues. I thought of moving to IPB Hosting (+40 plan) even though its expensive. Your advice please?
  15. Cloudflare for IPB4?

    How can I set cloudflare for IPB4 just like what webflake has?