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  1. Always use CloudFlare free of cost.
  2. Please Use "All In One SEO" or "Yoast"
  3. You want to show comments on your pages? If yes then try to paste this code into your page.php <?php get_header(); ?> <div class="gdlr-content"> <!-- Above Sidebar Section--> <?php global $gdlr_post_option, $above_sidebar_content, $with_sidebar_content, $below_sidebar_content; ?> <?php if(!empty($above_sidebar_content)){ ?> <div class="above-sidebar-wrapper"><?php gdlr_print_page_builder($above_sidebar_content); ?></div> <?php } ?> <!-- Sidebar With Content Section--> <?php if( !empty($gdlr_post_option['sidebar']) && ($gdlr_post_option['sidebar'] != 'no-sidebar' )){ global $gdlr_sidebar; $gdlr_sidebar = array( 'type'=>$gdlr_post_option['sidebar'], 'left-sidebar'=>$gdlr_post_option['left-sidebar'], 'right-sidebar'=>$gdlr_post_option['right-sidebar'] ); $gdlr_sidebar = gdlr_get_sidebar_class($gdlr_sidebar); ?> <div class="with-sidebar-wrapper <?php echo 'gdlr-type-' . $gdlr_sidebar['type']; ?>"> <div class="with-sidebar-container container"> <div class="with-sidebar-left <?php echo $gdlr_sidebar['outer']; ?> columns"> <div class="with-sidebar-content <?php echo $gdlr_sidebar['center']; ?> columns"> <?php if( !empty($with_sidebar_content) ){ gdlr_print_page_builder($with_sidebar_content, false); } if( !empty($gdlr_post_option['show-content']) && $gdlr_post_option['show-content'] != 'disable' ){ get_template_part('single/content', 'page'); } ?> </div> <?php comments_template( '', true ); ?> <?php get_sidebar('left'); ?> <div class="clear"></div> </div> <?php get_sidebar('right'); ?> <div class="clear"></div> </div> </div> <?php }else{ if( !empty($with_sidebar_content) ){ echo '<div class="with-sidebar-wrapper">'; gdlr_print_page_builder($with_sidebar_content); echo '</div>'; } if( empty($gdlr_post_option['show-content']) || $gdlr_post_option['show-content'] != 'disable' ){ get_template_part('single/content', 'page'); } } ?> <!-- Below Sidebar Section--> <?php if(!empty($below_sidebar_content)){ ?> <div class="below-sidebar-wrapper"><?php gdlr_print_page_builder($below_sidebar_content); ?></div> <?php } ?> </div><!-- gdlr-content --> <?php get_footer(); ?>
  4. I am also adding a site in dofollow but still getting nofollow link. What is the reason ?
  5. Thanks for the help and this thing help me alot but is there any solution that I want to allow people, if they have more than 100 posts then they can post link
  6. Hi, I am here to ask that how I can stop members to post a link. I dont want that user can post a link. There is lots of spamming and others users also posting links in my forums. Is there any way to stop linking in my forum? Regards
  7. Can you tell me the image link which you want to add, because the code is perfect is yours. Or try this again. If not working then I am sorry for this, may be better person will guide you. <center><a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' width='728' height='90'></a></center>
  8. Site link please and also try this <center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="728" height="90"></a></center>
  9. Yeah i am looking for this theme for my IPB
  10. Yeah its working fine THANKS. But i have question that how to Separate ANSWERED Topics Separate in same tutorial
  11. there is no option like this Like System and vice versa.
  12. You need to upload the icon in your skin folder Upload icon from (Public --> Style_images --> master) Upload icon to (Public --> Style_images --> your-skin-folder)