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  1. I don't think this was meant to be a thread to promote antivirus companies...
  2. Welcome! Have fun on WebFlake.
  3. Most people prefer free antivirus solutions, such as the free versions of AVG and Avira. Others prefer to use cracked versions of the paid antiviruses, such as Kaspersky and Norton. I was wondering: have you ever paid for an antivirus? Have you ever purchased the licensed version of an antivirus for your computer?
  4. Enjoy: It only took me 5 minutes to make. Imagine investing a couple of hours in that cool font site.
  5. Personally, I think that 80% of the things on the cool text website linked above look much better than your black and white "logo"...
  6. alakazam


    Not really. They couldn't really seize a server hosted in some African country that has no laws about piracy. The speed would probably not be very good for visitors from other continents, but USA couldn't really do anything in terms of DMCA.
  7. When there are more bugs than good code, you know you're running an IPB 4 forum...

    1. Lady C

      Lady C

      the only good part is responsiveness the rest kinda sucks!

    2. alakazam


      They should have just improved IPB 3 responsiveness instead of re-writing the script from scratch.

  8. The default theme looks a lot better than IPB 4's default theme, in my opinion. But I agree about the support part. They really need a better support team.
  9. I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about. Burning Board has pretty much the same apps that IPB has: gallery, calendar, blogs, and filebase. It also has a chat room app that is perhaps a little better than IP.Chat:
  10. Do you think Woltlab's Burning Board can be seen as a serious competitor for IPB? Burning Board's latest version seems to have a pretty awesome-looking photo gallery and a cool blogs system. It also has a chat plugin that rivals IP.Chat. It lacks some features that IPB has, such as status updates in the sidebar and various hooks, but the main apps of Burning Board seem to be really sleek, modern-looking.
  11. Woltlab's Burning Board should have its own sections in the Wbflake Downloads...

    1. James


      Then you should definitely suggest it on our tracker sub-link for suggestions... here: http://webflake.sx/suggestions-tracker/

  12. Does this apply to hooks and third party apps too? Would they revoke a license if you use hooks taken from Webflake?
  13. French fries with steak or fried chicken