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  1. is there something for ipb similar to this and if so please point link to most recent version. if you have it please share.
  2. Kensei your a bad ass keep up the good work. hi5

    HI MUTHA FUCKIN 5 = Megatron HI5 and a +1( using latest version of ipb)
  3. hey guys quick question how do you use other advertisement code other then google addsense. I signed up for bing, yahoo and a few name brand ones but no luck I was told to try out clicksor. because I am trying to get paid for clicks on page and ad views. most sites I run across the code wont work for ips forum html code box. where would I also palce it at in my template? if you can please take screen shots. thank you.
  4. Link is here: Note* these steps are very similar to the the rest the logins some of the steps are old in which you may have to skip one or two of them. where it says here on the guide. change to if your site is https same rule apply just add https to it. if done correct it should look like this.
    does not work with latest version and I belive doesnt work with https
    even though it said you could not edit every forum icon. I will still honor and give 5 stars because this product works
    map shows up and everything looks good
    downloaded it and seems like everything is https now.
  5. I want this and I think we all would like it for those running https can someone upload on here. its free
  6. shadowintel


    welcome to the site
  7. crap ok i figured it would be that
  8. it is free can someone download the latest version and upload on here please