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  1. Yes, please do!
  2. I'm sure it is.
  3. Yes. you're so right, I forgot the wash your hands part. My mistake ;)
  4. Then wipe your A** and after that, put your trousers back on.
  5. Too bad. I must find me another game.
  6. You mean weener?
  7. Really? That's odd??
  8. Nooooo, I like cookies too.. Erza, will you bake me a brownie?
  9. She bake more, so I can eat them.
  10. I said cookies<-
  11. Great to hear. Now eat your cookies.
  12. Think it over....
  13. The question still remains..... To be or not to be
  14. No, you're right. No.
  15. I would help too, but for me the picture is unclear to recognize what you want to change, sorry.