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  1. Hi Ok a long story short, I have been using IPB 3.4.8 for a long time after many years went and tried wordpress (arrg) anyway going back to IPB 3.4.8 it all installs fine and works great except when I try to log into admincp it just wont do it, I have been through many forums and searches looking for results but out of many none seem to work I even upgraded to 3.4.9 with the same results. Here's what I have tried so far over the last 3 days. I tried PHP version 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0 none of these will load IPB 3.4.8 version into the site in fact the site just stays blank. But PHP version 5.6 loads and install 3.4.8 without an issue Once IPB 3.4.8 has successfully installed, I can add to forums and whatever I like and the database keeps all these settings. but as soon as I try to get into adminCP it comes up with database connect error see screen shot attached. Even after IPB is installed I can change the PHP version and any 7.x version and still the site does not load at all. I can login as moderator no problem its just admincp will not load at all. I am using windows 10 and tried on windows 7 same issues, the error.log file does not create at all for some reason It did before the upgrade from 3.4.8 to 3.4.9 there was an error on line 382 in the initdata.php file which was similar to this line before it was updated /* Magic quotes was removed in PHP 5.4 * (hidden files in settings in control panel is selected) my site is shared hosted. have 3 databases, the other 2 work fine but not using IPB there. I do not want to upgrade to 4.0 or above just don't like it so hopefully it can be fixed. any help would be appreciated Thanks
  2. Fortnite is obviously the best to get
  3. Hi I have been trying to re activate as I have been away for a while and has been very hard to find somewhere to post but finally found a place here
  4. Does anyone know if there is a mod or app to install Discord into IPB 3.4.8? thanks
  5. Hi Ok a difficult one to ask how to but I have added a screen shot of what I would like to know how to adjust these setting help would be appreciated if possible I have IPB 3.4.8
  6. Ok how would I do this? I believe it was already in there before I added the portal
  7. Hi No these are on the main home or portal page on the website here is an image the icons or links at the bottom
  8. Hi I need help in removing some media tags on my home page please I have installed IPB 3.4.8 and unable to find where to delete these links from any help would be appreciated thanks
  9. Damn sorry I messed up thats a portal for phpbb lol I have tournament software to integrate with wordpress and just having a lot of issues I have posted a thread in the forums in regards to this
  10. Does anyone know where I can get a portal for wordpress that works I have tried 4 and they all fail no idea why thanks