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  1. Premium modern forum ranks

    Bump! Limited time offer has ended.
  2. Premium modern forum ranks

    Package Contents: Forum user rank bars in a simple and professional colour scheme. Easy to edit and use. Can also be used for buttons.- All ranks in one organised PSD, making edits easy!- Compiled .PNG Images, ready to use, just upload the images and off you go!- Preview file .PNG
  3. @Blacksail£ Any use? :
  4. Logo request

    Will give this a stab if I get a moment :)
  5. Logo Request

    A few a few more details than "make it better" would be perfect....
  6. cloud service for photos

    Dropbox? Google drive? One drive?? maybe this : http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/test-centre/internet/14-best-cloud-storage-services-2015-2016-uk-3614269/ will help you make an informed decision
  7. Arrowchat or Cometchat

    so what you mean to say is you want IP.chat nulled. In which case the above applications DO work, you just don't want either of them as they aren't what you're after? ....
  8. Arrowchat or Cometchat

    @DevUnit you need to drag the application across to your forum: just click the > arrow on your board (see below) : Select the module that you'd like, for example: Once this is expanded, drag your module to where you want it, for example - I placed it on the right:
  9. Arrowchat or Cometchat

    What errors did you get on installation, so that we know what your issue is and can better help you. :)
  10. SSL Help! "Insecure <form> call

    I had this once. open your HTML file and replace http with https for any external calls. :)
  11. Hello

    Hey there! A fellow tea drinker! :) Welcome to Webflake :)
  12. Banner Request

    No , i don't like this font and theme ... and i no link under the text Wow, that comes across as rather rude imho... At least thank me for the effort anyway >.> Either way, best of luck with what you're looking for, but I am out.
  13. Banner Request

    Hope this is ok @DarkNight Speller