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    Thread updated.
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  4. @Blacksail£ Any use? :
  5. Problem in Avatar Skin Diablo 3.4.6

    It's set globally. ACP > System > Tool / Settings > Members > User Profiles > 'Avatars & Photos' 'Maximum avatar dimensions'
  6. CarbonOrange Skin

  7. Obtain IP - DDOS protection

    To enable correct IP matching when running an Invision Power Board 3 installation through CloudFlare, follow these directions: 1. Log into your IPB installation's ACP. 2. Go to System. 3. Under Overview go to Security. 4. Under Security Center click Security Settings. 5. Check "Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?" so it is green. IPB4 description of "Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?" https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170756-How-do-I-restore-original-visitor-IP-with-IPB-Invision-Power-Board- Hope this helps! :)
  8. Can you revert?

    You can you would need to restore to a backup like @Erza says but I am fairly sure that you can actually convert ips4 databases and get back to inboards 3.x ... I seem to remember seeing somewhere that someone made a converter for it.
  9. mod_rewrite + IPS

    @Stark try using this: http://winginx.com/en/htaccess
  10. Logo request

    Will give this a stab if I get a moment :)
  11. Nulled Proof Removing Question

    you're best solution if you have to use nulled is to go with an off-shore host that ignores DMCA, but even that isn't fool-proof.
  12. Logo Request

    A few a few more details than "make it better" would be perfect....
  13. cloud service for photos

    Dropbox? Google drive? One drive?? maybe this : http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/test-centre/internet/14-best-cloud-storage-services-2015-2016-uk-3614269/ will help you make an informed decision