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  1. Will give this a stab if I get a moment :)
  2. A few a few more details than "make it better" would be perfect....
  3. Dropbox? Google drive? One drive?? maybe this : http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/test-centre/internet/14-best-cloud-storage-services-2015-2016-uk-3614269/ will help you make an informed decision
  4. I had this once. open your HTML file and replace http with https for any external calls. :)
  5. Hey there! A fellow tea drinker! :) Welcome to Webflake :)
  6. Seems you're using IPS4.x ? If so, make sure you drag the module to where you'd like it: just click the > arrow on your board (see below) : Select the module that you'd like, for example: Once this is expanded, drag your module to where you want it, for example - I placed it on the right:
  7. Look / Feel > (choose skin) > Manage Templates / CSS > Global Templates > UserInfoPane Find... <li class='group_title'> {$author['_group_formatted']} </li>Remove it or change it to this... <!-- <li class='group_title'> {$author['_group_formatted']} </li> -->If the text under the avatar is too high, add this after the code you changed: <br />
  8. Instead of double posting, just report your old thread ...
  9. As @titcrunch stated you're good to go with Q&A Challenge, I would also recommend CleanTalk, or SFS (Stop Forum Spam)
  10. With all due respect, not too hard to use the search function on this site ... Eitherway, here: Credits to @Sweden
  11. Try browsing the site in inprivate or incognito and see if the error still persists :)
  12. Hmm, if I get time I'll give it another stab, but i'm majorly busy lately between projects. Hope you get it sorted either way :)